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    Ok, maybe it was a bad example I used. I know it is a limitation by D+ and DRM. Also I know about App and Edge qualities and that we are not allowed to discuss technical information in this forum. Hope you still got what I was trying to say, if not, it is not bad.

    I was asking this to myself a few times already. The new Edge is based on Chromium, so they should be able to use this somehow unless they don't found a way yet or it is using higher DRM (again, I know no technical information is allowed. I don't want to get a technical answer on this, only a thought I had).
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    Not really, and I was pondering that issue further myself and there's a lot more to it than that. MS is using Chromium as a base, but they have developed their own proprietary stuff on top of that which allows Edge to support better DRM options (without getting specific) and AS does not have the Edge implementation of such technology, but rather the vanilla Chromium codebase. In fact, once the world+dog goes the same route as MS has taken with Edge, it will be very hard indeed for apps such as AS to work at all even. That's sort of the point of DRM to begin with.
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    Ah, thanks for clarifying it.