Disney+ Profile doesn't show

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Sriram Jayaraman, Mar 13, 2021.

  1. Disney+ Profile doesn't show. Pls find attached screenshot.

    Does it support only US and UK region. I am from India. disney plus in india is named as Hotstar.



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  2. Any update. Thanks
  3. Ch3vr0n

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    It supports an other regions just like any other supported provider. No there's no update yet, it's weekend for the developers too. Please have some patience.

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  4. Prospere

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    Log please (go to the top left corner, click on "File" then on "Create log file")
  5. Pls find attached log and screenshot.

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  6. Krawk

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    I would buy this program today if it supported Disney+.
    The download page only says Netflix and Amazon.
    So what is the fully supported list?
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  8. RedFox 1

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    Have you gone into the settings and put a checkmark next to Disney+ ?
  9. Krawk

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    I have not downloaded the trial version yet or even committed to buying it yet, Disney+ is the one I am currently most interested in. From the looks of other threads though 720p is the current limit, so I am not quite ready.

    From the home page, the list of products, there is no mention of Disney+.
  10. Ch3vr0n

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    that's because disney support was only added in beta .2 it's currently under testing for release version inclusion. and yes, for the moment D+ is capped at 720p.
  11. Just wanted to check if this log was reviewed by your team.

    Thanks in advance.
  12. Prospere

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    Thanks for the log file!

    The log shows a problem accessing Disney+. Is there any firewall or VPN in the way?
  13. I am not using vpn. I can access Netflix and amazon prime without any problems. So no firewall issues I guess.

    I got message from your team admin - Pete private message. He had asked me for few details I have shared with him. Thanks