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    Seems this one gives trouble.
    Suggestion: Why don't you read "A Layman's Guide to Shrinking Blue-ray Size" on this site?
    Even I understood.

    Another Disney release where you have to wade through tons of advertising.

    Region A-B-C File creation date: 11/21/2007 Size: 46GB
    running time: 1:56 hours

    1. TsSplitter:
    The correct sequence for the main movie is:(found in 00072.mlps & 00074.mlps)
    00145.m2ts 247,254 kb
    148.m2ts 176,058 kb
    149.m2ts 59,976 kb
    152.m2ts 392,394 kb
    153.m2ts 186,396 kb
    156.m2ts 799,788 kb
    157.m2ts 93,084 kb
    160.m2ts 1,097,346 kb
    161.m2ts 67,470 kb
    164.m2ts 1,706,094 kb
    165.m2ts 64,146 kb
    168.m2ts 2,001,510 kb
    169.m2ts 191,226 kb
    172.m2ts 3,215,394 kb
    173.m2ts 79,008 kb
    176.m2ts 5,631,342 kb
    177.m2ts 136,770 kb
    183.m2ts 2,011,722 kb
    180.m2ts 157,620 kb
    184.m2ts 1,149,180 kb
    185.m2ts 457,988 kb
    188.m2ts 3,363,522 kb
    189.m2ts 211,848 kb
    192.m2ts 1,047,816 kb
    193.m2ts 142,014 kb
    196.m2ts 855,450 kb
    197.m2ts 135,870 kb
    200.m2ts 3,367,566 kb

    WOW...28 Playitems and 259 xxxxx.m2ts files.
    You better double check before JOINing.

    2. TsRemux
    Target: Video, English True-HD and English subs on 25 GB disc.

    1- AVC MPEG-4 Video

    2- True-HD #0, eng
    3- DTS #1, fra
    4- DD #2, fra
    5- DTS #3, nld
    6- DD #4, nld
    7- DD #5, nld
    8- DD #6, eng comments1
    9- DD #7, eng comments2
    10- DD #8, fra comments1
    11- DD #9, fra comments2
    12- DD #10, nld comments1
    13- DD #11, nld comments2
    14- PG #0 eng
    15- PG #1 eng for hearing impaired
    16- PG #2 fra
    17- PG #3 nld

    The size is 21.4 GB on the disc, some place available for other subs.

    Other languages than English:

    Before burning the disc you should adjust the language informations in PLAYLIST and CLIPINF.
    TsRemux shows "ENG" for whatever the language is.
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    i tried this method, and works fine with powerdvd. i've got a tvix 6500a, and the result don't work though. the picture jumps or freezes at the joins, and the sound is out of sync. the same result using tsmuxer.
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    So that really works for theses joined movies cause i have the same problem on my tvix player any movie that has more than one m2ts file, ill give it a shot thanks!
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    Sadly no :( watching the movie from start to end, you still get the freezing, jumping and spluttering. I guess I cheeted be directly navigating to the places I knew had problems and resuming there. My test was invalid.
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    Write what ya want here and ill post it on doom9, im not sure how to word it so maybe you could. Or PM me
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    One more thing, the out put file for tssplitter when joining should it be .ts or type in .m2ts?
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    Don't know where to look.
    Here the follow-up of my tests.

    Call me stubborn (or anything else) but I need to understand.

    My goal is to create a disc with the main movie in English, a second language plus the subs for both.
    Like you would do with a normal DVD, except the menus.

    By now I have burned 5 disc's of CARS (EUR) with different settings, no success!
    the last one leaving BD+ protection and Region code removal unchecked.

    1. Ripped a fresh copy of the disc

    2. Disabled AnyDVD

    3. JOINed all the 28 PlayItems with a fresh copy of TsSplitter v 1.01 (from ffprojects.net)
    Checked the joint file with PDVD = joints perceptible, audio some defects in the 5th file

    4. Remuxed with a fresh copy of TsRemux v0.0.20 (from www.zshare.net) to Blu-ray
    Loading the source The video length shows 14:00 min
    Left chapter lenth at 5:00 min.
    Selection of AVC, True-HD eng, DTS for the second language and both Presentation Graphics.
    The resulting BR is 23,148.19 MB
    --No Show PDVD exits without anything--
    Adjusted Playlist and ClipInfo files with correct language

    5. burned a disc with latest Nero 8

    6. Run the disc on a Blu-ray player
    Video, Audio and subs are fine --> STOP after 14 min and BACK to ZERO
    No difference with earlier trials.

    The preceding tests were Remux of small batches of files (as in my Ratatouille experience) before Joining.
    Result: video and sound ok, no joints, and stop at 13:59 min with loop back to the start of the movie.
    Got the same result with "Remove BD+ protection checked-Region code unchecked".

    Is there a relation between the video length in TsRemux and the stop of the movie?

    Experienced users on this site told me TsRemux should show the full movie length of the JOINED files.
    I see the exact length only on the finished disc (1:56:36 hours).

    ....and I have only 2 chapters for the whole movie.

    Nota: Checking through the files the stop in Ratatouille was at approx 9:00 min (TheDatman), my video length in TsRemux was 8:46

    min. ??????

    Any idea what's going on ???? , I'm only a bloody beginner in this game.

    Thanks in advance.
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    i just posted this on the doom9 forum

    maybe this is going to help. it's really long winded, and h264info takes hours to run.

    also i'm not sure why people use tssplitter and not copy /b. i tried both methods and compared the files, and they were identical.