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    I realize still in Beta, and was able to DL one file with no issues, but wanted to supply the log file and support for future fix/addressing...

    Log File attached, but would like feedback on (2) items:

    1) "Current Profile" drop down shows other users, but only "My Profile" selectable

    2) I paid for a particular movie and can access via browser and on app/TV, but I get "Couldn't retrieve playlist the title may not be available or requires a payment. Check the log for details"

    Log Messages:
    05:15:53.791 - [Error] [disney] [8826c170] failed: 204 Error transferring https://disney.playback.edge.bamgri...-0c9680f0feb9/scenarios/restricted-drm-ctr-sw - server replied:

    05:15:53.792 - [Error] [disney] Playlist payload is not an object

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  2. DeepSpace

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    When did you pay the movie?
    If you paid the movie while AS was running in the background, it should help to restart AS.

    But if you paid the movie before opening AS, the devs have to take a look.
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  3. brawlman

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    Paid before updating beta AS,
    with the conditions the movie works in my entry.
    Clearly a Disney+ update to address both issues.
    Understandably, it is beta but reporting what I experienced for future update.

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  4. RedFox 1

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    Thankyou for your report.
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  5. brawlman

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    wanted to report that with AS D+ I can now see both movies previously purchased, and can DL them successfully:dance:
    Unfortunately, only available in 720P:cry:
    The other good news is even after the last DL of purchased movie, I came back over 48hrs later and there was no time out issue in which I needed to restart AS; I was able to confirm other purchased movie showed the green DL button and successfully DL'd as well:coolman:
  6. Ch3vr0n

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    D+ is only available in 720p due to technical limitations. So it's normal you don't get 1080p

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  7. Vzxy

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    D+ will not show anything over 720 in AS.
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