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Disney Blu-ray mall tour aims for mass audiences


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Mar 7, 2007
Found this other day, although this is old one but worth reading.

AUG. 21 | Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment is using a soft sell to convince families that Blu-ray Disc should be the new entertainment choice for Mom, Dad and the kids.

With its national mall tour that kicked off at the Westfield Topanga center in Canoga Park, Calif., last week, Disney has engineered a splashy backdrop of about a dozen Panasonic high-def TVs running Blu-ray clips of Disney films and game bonus features. But executives say they mainly hope to explain the virtues of Blu-ray and the overall high-definition experience. According to the pitch, Blu-ray should be the obvious product choice when families are ready to upgrade their current DVD players.

“Disney’s Magical Blu-ray Tour,” sponsored by Panasonic, primarily emphasizes the advanced clarity in sound and video over standard-definition DVD of such studio Blu-ray titles as Wild Hogs, Meet the Robinsons and The Guardian. So as not to confuse the singular Blu-ray message, presentations do not make direct comparisons with the rival HD DVD format.

“It’s great if they buy a Blu-ray player immediately, but our intentions are not as ambitious,” said Disney president Bob Chapek, who attended the event on Friday. “We want to demystify technology so it’s understandable to the non-early adopter consumer. BD will be the successor to DVD, so now we are thinking beyond early adopters and focusing on mass audiences.”

Up until this weekend, Blu-ray did arguably boast significant momentum, with titles selling twice the amount of HD DVD software in many stores. The horse race is now muddied by the decision of Paramount Home Entertainment and DreamWorks Animation to release titles exclusively on HD DVD.

Still, Disney attracted attention to its display, where studio spokespeople said the 25-seat presentation area was at capacity during showings running twice every hour on Friday. After Sunday, the tour moves to South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, Calif., and will eventually make a total of 18 stops.

Several consumer attendees at Friday’s event said they enjoyed the Disney Blu-ray blitz but are holding back purchasing hardware until costs are more reasonable.

“I like this new technology and I have a high-def TV, but it’s just still too expensive,” mall-goer Jarrod Blumberg said.

Although Joyce Taborda initially thought she and her nieces would be treated to a full-fledged Disney film at the presentation, she still appreciated the information she learned about Blu-ray.

Recalling the spiel, Taborda said, “I like Blu-ray because it is supported by seven out of eight major studios, [though now six out of eight]. And I know that I need a high-end cable to [maximize] picture and sound for high-def.”

Bill Scafe said he was on his way to check out Blu-ray players following the presentation. He said he was leaning toward ultimately finding something that is both HD DVD and Blu-ray compatible, such as LG Electronics’ latest model.

“I’m going to look at some of them at Best Buy,” he said. “I can tell the difference between [high-def] and regular DVD.”

Lori MacPherson, Disney senior VP and general manager, North America, added, “I’m just excited to see people walk by and become instantly engaged. Our intent is to go out and reach as broad a demographic as possible.”

--Taken from http://www.videobusiness.com/article/CA6470791.html--
I'm thinking that HD and Blu-ray disks are going to be an expensive boondoggle.
The second guessing after the fallout should be really interesting.