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  1. I've been using RiData disks for a while now and haven't had any problems with them, but a lot of my older disks are starting to give me pains. Some of the copies that I made a couple of years ago simply won't play anymore. I get a 'disks of this type are not accepted' error on my DVD player.

    I know that I burned it properly because I watched the movie after I burned it. I'm finding this is happening more and more frequently. This is a bit of a problem as I have over a thousand copies made to date. First, it'd be a pain to go through them all to check which ones are good. Second, re-copying the ones that aren't good could be a problem.

    Do disks deteriorate over time or am I losing my mind? Are the two mutually exclusive?

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    Recordable DVDs do deteriorate over time. But some deteriorate faster than others. I've been using Verbatim for several years and have had very,*very* few recording failures and none have become unplayable later. They're the ones I recommend.
    I get most of them at Best Buy on sale. They show up in BB ads at a steep discount frequently. The others (hub printable, etc) I get online.
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    I also recommend Verbatim, I love that brand. Quite often you can find them on sale and with a rebate. I just bought them through buy.com the other day and with using GCO and the rebate I believe the spindle of 100 came to under $11.
  4. Okay, I think I've finally found a decent reason to shop at BB.
    Thanks. I'll give that a try.
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    I agree with them. Verbatim or especially Taiyo Yuden (online only), are the best. Your experience is exactly why I try to steer people away from CMC Mags (Memorex, Khypermedia, etc.).

    People say, "the Memorex burned good, and look good". I tell them to wait a few months, try to watch one of the movies burned to a Memorex disc, and then tell me the same thing. No one has come back and told me the same thing, yet.

    Ridata discs aren't CMC Mags though, are they? I think they used to be very good discs, but someone said they went downhill over time. Don't know if they started using different dyes, or a different manufacturing process.
    Good luck with your changeover! :)
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    RiData Bites the big one(can I say that?)

    I've used these disks before when I started burning, I've noticed deteriation is noticeable in a short period of time, and I'm talking 6 months or a bit longer! The old saying goes you get what you pay for, I bought 200 of these on sale, now I know why they were so cheap! Memorex and Verbatim seem to be the best in my book. Verbatim also makes a lightscribe disk 16X, that burns at 18X on my Samsung 18X burner. You can get them on sale at my fav. place Newegg.com for about .35 each, yes you can buy DVD blanks cheaper, but by far these seem to be the best, and I haven't seemed to notice any degrade on me yet after 1 year
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    :eek: run away . . .
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    oh yeah

    you bet they do. you're finding out why cheap media is "cheap".
    buy some taiyo yudens or verbatims.
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    I have about 300 movies backed up on older RiData media. They were a good media until about 2 yrs. ago. I switched to Verbatim when I read some articles about their quality deteriorating. So far, my older back ups continue to play back well.
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    DVDs that Die

    :doh: One of the other factors to consider is NOT just the DVD Blank Media, but also the quality of the burner itself plays a big part in the "longativity"( I never said I could spell) of your back-ups. I've found it's best to spend a bit more up front, than suffer for it later. :agree: :clap:
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    WARNING:disagree: :I used to use Taiyo Yuden DVD-R media until I bought a batch with inkjet printable tops and they didn't play back after about 4 months.:doh: They were 4x and I got it from RIMA.COM. Thank God I only burned a few using this media before I figured it out. I burned a total of 10 movies and only three of them are still in my collection and play. I still have the rest of the spindle in storage for disposable use.

    Again, this my experience of the Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 4x media with the inkjet printable tops ONLY. All my fifty Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 4x media without the printable top still play today...from about 13 months ago...and hopefully for a 100+ more years. But, after that experience I just talked about, I never bought Taiyo Yuden again.

    I've also burned about 20 movies on Memorex DVD-R 16x media a year ago and they all still play nicely.

    NOW, I just use Sony DVD-R 16X media I can pick up anywhere. Although they are not made in Japan anymore, I have not been dissappointed yet(NO coasters).

    I also agree with Buddy. I use a Sony burner in my Vaio laptop to make all my backups and they have better playback in different DVD players than DVDs burned with my 2004 iMac(Toshiba burner). The burns look different on the media between the two writers.
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    So BUDDY, what are the best burners?
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    DVD Burners I like

    Well over the years I've burned out quite a few of them from HEAVY use. I don't want to get a thread going and a lot of HATE mail over what burner is better than others, so I will stick with the average burner out there for 100.00 or less,,,,AND I'm only going to talk about the 14X and above burners who wants to hear about my 2X???,,,LOL<<, IMHO because you have asked: I think Lite-On was the worst burner I ever had,( cost me about 90.00 NEW) from the day I got it, it made noise, and when the tray opened it was so sloppy I swore it was just going to fall right out of the burner, it began to give me read errors after 30 days or so, and making Music CDs it was just awful, most CDs would start with some kind of LOUD electrical hummmm of some kind. I brought it back to the place of purchase, and they said I damaged it, I contacted lite-on Customer Service, and they said I damaged it, they were all factory tested he said, blah, blah, this was a 14X model, so it wasnt that long ago that I purchased it. This was MY Experince with this one, I'm sure someone out there has a good one and swears by it because Lite-on is still in business! The NEC 14X made a very good burner, but after awhile of heavy use it began to get noisy, but it still operated just fine, and it was still working when I replaced it with a SONY, I just got tired of hearing the noise, and the clicks it made peridoicly when using it and sometimes, it wouldn't work at all, mostly it did work fine. I just didn't feel all warm and fuzzy over it anymore. The SONY 14X was an excellent burner, and even through HEAVY use it didn't seem to have any problems at all it was quiet, made good copys, and rarely made a coaster. I still have it as a back up sitting on a shelf in my office, but replaced it with a 16X NEC because IMHO they made a darn good burner, I put alot through it, it is a steady hard worker, no noise, and is in the number 2 slot on my machine now, and works very well burning on the fly with my next choice of burner. I have a Samsung 18X DVD-RW Lightscribe in slot one of my machine, this is the second one I've had, the 1st one made about 1,000 copys, and began to make noise after 9 months or so. I bought this from Newegg, they had a 1 year replacement policy, I filed a RMA, returned it, and got another replacement. The price was so good, I bought another one to keep as a back-up, or to put into another machine I'm thinking about building in the future. For a 30.00+ investment for a brand name(SAMSUNG) DVD-RW with Lightscribe, you just can't beat this thing for the quality and the price! It's quiet, has only made a coaster when I tried to push the speed on a DVD blank that wouldn't handel it. Right now I'm sold on the SamSung,:clap: and think it's the greatest burner out there for the price, with all the features a guy like me wants, and it's VERY dependable. And the Warranty you get from Newegg, I never have to worry about getting my money's worth out of it!:bowdown: Verbatim is the only DVD disk blank that I have found that will actually burn at 18X, and these are the Lightscribe DVD blanks, rated at 16X burn speed. If any one is still reading this, please don't get ticked over me bad-mouthing Lite-On, I had a Crappy Unit, and was just stuck with it, your experince with them might be better than mine was, but I'll never buy another one!:disagree: These are my thoughts, and experinces with burners, when something fits your style stick with it! ANYDVD ROCKS! You Guys are GREAT!:bowdown:
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    Note taken. Whoa, a 1000+ burns. Niice. I wonder if there are any threads about how many DVD's a burner can produce before quality in the burn or whatnot begin?
    Thanks Buddy.
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    I've made over 500 burns with a LiteOn burner, with no problems. My next burner will also be a LiteOn. Buddy must have gotten a bad one. It happens with all brands. I'm one of those that he mentioned that swears by them. :D

    There's no way that they test every burner they make. No one does. They randomly pick one and test them. A few bad ones slip through, I'm sure.
    LiteOn, BenQ, Pioneer, and Sony, are burners that most people swear by. You should be safe with any of these. From everything I've read, I think my second choice would be BenQ. :)
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    Lite-On Burners

    YES, Every manufacturer tests a "sample" of the burners produced(at least I hope they do! basic test Std. is Mil. Std. 105D or better) BUT being in the Quality Control field for most of my very longggg life, when problems are found with production units, the top brass, always makes the final decision on weather the "lot" will ship, based on MY experince, the answer to that problem is normally SHIP IT, we'll worry about RMAs later, fill the orders, get the product out the door! XP is a GREAT Example of SHIP IT, look how many updates Microsoft has made to XP! The bottom line when it comes to Quality,, is, THE BOTTOM LINE! What's it going to cost us to toss them, or to ship them, it's always about the money, and to stay in business and to be competive, thats just the way it is! I originally bought the Lite-On because of word of mouth, that it was the best thing going for the price, and I bought it. And I KNOW I got a bad unit, my dislike came from the people who wouldn't stand behind thier product, the store who just wouldn't give me a replacement, and the Customer Serv. "REP" who said I broke it, and could barely understand my complaint because of his poor command over English! Anyway, NOT to beat a DEAD Burner, I'm happy some people got a good one, but I'm sold on SAMSUNG! ANYDVD ROCKS!:bowdown:
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    I agree with that logic:agree:
    But we're digressing from the topic.
  18. Why? I use Memorex and TDKs.

    After 2 years of burning, I have yet to have a bad disc.

    I wouldn't recommand Playos brand DVD-R...yucko!
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    TDK is starting to use CMC Magnetics (CMC-MAG CRAP media I.D.) on some of their 16X -R media now.
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    (this in particular is a good explanation)



    I'm not about to get into an argument over blank media; I've got better things to do. I do not make comments like this lightly. Not all Memorex is horrible, but it varies enough that I run away. If people want to argue, I encourage you to post questions to The Digital Dolphin in his FAQ thread on that site:

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