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    Hi, I've just started backing up blu-rays using CloneBD for mainly mp4s. I am reading any of the tutorials written here regarding removing cinavia. Some tutes do not open anymore. I wanted to learn how to remove it whenever I might come across one of these disks.

    After testing the disk in CloneBD, and ticking remove cinavia in anydvd, I tried removing it from the Jason Bourne dvd to a mp4. Tried many times but the tute didn't compare with what I was seeing. Then I clicked on the Folder icon instead of mp4, I then saw the correct page was there but then clone crashed with an error.

    I had already made the mp4 before I found out the disk had cinavia on it but when I tested the mp4, it played fine anyway. I played the mp4 on a usb 3.0 flash drive in my stand alone blu-ray player on the tv and cinavia was not on it. Does cinavia not affect mp4s?

    Also while using CloneBD should I keep cinavia ticked in any dvd by default?

    Thank you for any information you can provide. I don't quite understand.
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    As the name suggests CloneBD only works with BD's. It doesn't work with DVD's.

    Oh and mp4 doesn't care about cinavia or not. It's the PLAYER that usually doesn't look for the signal in such containers. Most devices only look for it on DISC playback

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    I'm sorry, I wrote dvd but I meant that I tested the blu-ray movie disk and cinavia was on it. I haven't tried using a blank BD disk for blu-rays yet. I've only done a mp4 so far and wondered why my sony player didn't detect cinavia on the mp4 movie.
    Thank you for the mp4 information "It's the PLAYER that usually doesn't look for the signal in such containers".