Disc Recognition Problem - Pioneer BDR-206

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    Previously, I used AnyDVD and this Pioneer BDR-206 drive under Win 10 Pro (64bit) to record backups of dual-layer Blu-Ray discs using Philips BD-RDL discs.

    Recently, I had a boot drive failure and I ended up having to reinstall Win 10 Pro (64bit), as well as my apps (including AnyDVD [], BurnImg, & CloneBD).

    Now, when a recorded Blu-Ray disc is placed into the BDR-206, AnyDVD seems to scan the disc successfully, and -- using either ImgBurn or CloneBD -- I can create an ISO image of the content of an already recorded Blu-Ray disc.

    However, when a blank BD-RDL disc is placed in that drive (I've tried both Philips & HP discs), the disc is not recognized at all and I get this message: "Device Not Ready (Medium Not Present)".

    (FWIW - If I instead place a BD-R disc in the drive, it is recognized, but it's capacity is too small for the image.)

    When I disable AnyDVD and reboot the system, the BDR-206 drive does recognize a BD-RDL blank disc. Then, after again enabling AnyDVD and rebooting, the drive still will not recognize a blank BD-RDL disc.

    So it appears that the problem is somehow related to the active presence of AnyDVD.

    Maybe there's a setting or something I'm overlooking????

    Can anyone tell me what I need to do to resolve this problem so I can continue to use AnyDVD and record on blank BD-RDL discs?

    Thank you.
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