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Feb 17, 2007
First up - I have to confess that I probably didn't go about evaluating AnyDVD as well as I might.

Downloaded and tested it using my desktop machine (Pioneer Drive) and thought.....ooohhh lovely, just what I need.

Desperate to take advantage of the valentine code, I've bought and registered.

And then I come to installing it on my new laptop - which has a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-851S drive.

Played the first disc (a region 2 item) fine.

Tried to play a region 1 disc; no joy. Falied to read disc and a lengthy error message in which it states that Matshita drives are problematic and directing me to the rpc1 website (which was wholly unhelpful).

Now I can still change my drive's region code 4 more times of course, but clearly I was hoping for a more permanent solution.

Disappointed? Well, mainly because AnyDVD actually is of little use on my laptop; but also because as far as I can see, there isn't a single warning to this effect on the Slysoft website.

I do realise that I went about evaluating this product incompletely. But I still feel that the sentences:
"You can also remove the RPC region code, thereby making the movie region free and viewable on any DVD player and with any DVD player software" (my bolding)


"Works with all DVD-drives, regardless of region code"

are unambiguous and yet quite misleading.

I'm not seeking redress here - I can and will use the software on my desktop. But it would be nice to see:

a) a statement qualifying the compatibility of AnyDVD with the affected drives - much as in the error message - on the website

b) the promise that it's being worked on.......


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Matsushita drives are sold via Panasonic and are noted for software compatibility problems. You might try a firmware upgrade but I doubt that will solve you problem.