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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by neighbor_tom, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. neighbor_tom

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    I have noticed on several titles, XMenIII, Inside Man, and others when I use CloneDvd2 to bring a movie down to hard disk, the directors / actors commentaries are turned on when I play the movie, and I cannot turn them off. This is quite annoying, and I wondered if anyone else has seen this anomaly? I have a registered copy of CloneDVD2 and am up to date with it and the ANYDVD utility.
  2. charles

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    directors comments-cant turn them off

    just did 2 movies-the break up and john tucker must die-both movies came w d.cmts-one i checked or un checked the D.cmts box the other didnt hve tha d.cmts to check but both included directors comments::confused: any help will b appreciated ty charles
  3. bjproc

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    try just copying the AC/2-6 in the audio section
  4. aabbccdd

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    yeah just check the 5.1 channel or 6 channel audio only. and uncheck the 2 channel audio thats where the Directors commentaries are. your TV will downmix to the two channel if thats all you have