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  1. My copy of Minari plays the director comments during the movie. Not sure how that happened... Can I stop it?
  2. DQ

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    You need to select a different audio track either in your ripping process or your playing process.
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    Please explain what you used to convert your DVD with, like say, CloneDVD2, DVD Shrink, etc.

    Usually your program that you used to convert your DVD with has a option to playback the audio for testing purposes, and that'll help you not select the Director's commentary unless you wanted to.

  4. I used DVD Shrink - just copied the movie and the audio...
  5. whatever_gong82

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    I have DVD Shrink. Can you use it to test the audio playback?
  6. DQ

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    Then I will assume whatever you are using for playback is auto selecting the wrong track to play. I know Plex for example, does this on occasion and sometimes I have to tell it to use a different audio track for playback.
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    On top of what was previously said, on most discs, the AC-3/6 track will be the main movie, and the AC-3/2 tracks will be Director's Comments and extras. So you need to verify what audio track(s) you are selecting.
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    As this has nothing to do with AnyDVD, I have moved the thread to "third party products".
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    Also, I think DVD Shrink's default settings are to not select all audio tracks when you export new VIDEO_TS/ISO in Shrink. So, the wrong audio tracks may be being selected for deletion without the user aware of it.
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    For the OP (Original Poster) of this thread:

    I just checked out DVD Shrink, and it does have a setting in which you can check to see if you have either the regular audio or the Director's commentary.

    I'm attaching this example from the first disc of the 4-DVD set of Popeye The Sailor: 1933-1938 Volume One, in this case, the very first Popeye cartoon from 1933, "Popeye The Sailor," (1933) which also has famed animation historian Michael Barrier doing commentary on the cartoon.

    As you can see from the picture I've attached, you can see that there are two different audio tracks, with the one clearly labeled "Director's commentary".

    I hope that this will help you out in the future.


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