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    Splinter Cell Chaos Theory can be purchased as a download from Ubisoft (and the downloadable version does not use StarForce drivers as the DVD version does) for about $20 (and it's already patched up to latest version). I bought it (I also had the original disk) just to not have to use DVD in drive and to not have to have StarForce drivers installed. As far as I know, Game Jackal will not work with ANY StarForce protected games. Luckily there are not that many StarForce protected games as not many game makers are electing to use it.
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  2. evlncrn8

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    sounds like u bought the direct2drive version...
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    I didn't see that termed used on Ubisoft. The site lists it's games to buy and then has options to buy either the DVD or buy the download. Are all downloadable games called "direct2drive"?

    Edit. I just did a search for "direct2drive" and see there is actually a site called that that sells downloadable games and videos. Sounds sort of like Steam, a company that offers certain games (and movies) for download. That would be different from game maker sites like Ubisoft, EA, Sierra, etc that sells their own games in downloadable form (or in hard copy).
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    I haven't found Game Jackal to work with anything. I've had to explore other alternatives. With most games, the disc isn't in there spinning constantly. You have to put it in for authorization only.
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    I had Game Jackal installed before Slysoft bought it. I just didn't like it, too tedious to use, questionable results, and compatibility issues (just don't like the virtual drive stuff on my computer). I un-installed it and never looked back, there are too many "other" methods to get a game to work without DVD/CD in drive which are much easier (and yes I buy all my games). I have over 60 games (installed) and don't need a disk to play any of them (it's why I bought SC Chaos downloadable, it was my only one left that I couldn't get to play without disk). It's one of my first priorities when buying a game, to figure out how play without disk in drive. To me it's the stupidest thing game makers ever came up with, having to hunt for the disk each time a game is played.

    I was actually quite surprised when Slysoft bought it. I was thinking, "why"? Just didn't seem like a technology worth investing in (especially with it's track record of for every one person who gets it to work with a game, there are 5 more who are having problems with it). Now something really cool would be for Slysoft to figure out a way to copy a game (like a movie) to the computer, where it could then be played on it's own. Now that would be something!
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    well its the sort of term, basically ubisoft sell you a different version with different drm, in this case the drm would be hardware branding instead of a cd/dvd check, as for what 'flavor' of drm is used, its rarely mentioned, but can be steam, direct2drive and so on...
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    How did this thread turn from games that won't work with game jackal to general conversation?
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    I don't know, but if it happens again I will be locking that thread and maintaining it myself.


    I prefer Game Jackal to all virtual drive software; the profiles are smaller, and I have no issues with any games unless the protection is not supported by Game Jackal (Tages, Starforce). I do not need to use third party application hiders--much less visit sites that are prone to host hidden trojans. I bought Game Jackal before Slysoft acquired it, and I was satisfied with the program years ago, and I'm still satisfied.
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