Did AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 registry deletions kill my computer?

Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by lutefisk, Mar 4, 2008.

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    I recently downloaded the trial versions of anyDVD and cloneDVD. After trying them for an afternoon, I decided to go with the DVDfab software I was also testing. After uninstalling both anyDVD and cloneDVD, I read that both programs leave traces in your registry - so I looked up how to edit the registry, found all the traces of anyDVD and cloneDVD and deleted them- headless of all the warning messages that came up.

    Boy do I wish I had listened to windows. I know nothing about registry issues, but now my computer won't even run the bios. Nothing I do seems to be able to get anything to come up on screen. I have disconnected everything but my video card, memory, and cpu... nothing. I cleared the CMOS... nothing. I removed the mobo battery and plugged it back in... nothing.

    My machine was running perfectly before the registry edits. Is it possible to ruin even hardware in doing as much?

    I know that this sounds like suspicious behavior and some here might think I was trying to steal these programs- but I assure you I wasn't. I just built this system and am obsessed with keeping it clean. I'm scared that I've taken that too far and have now ruined it.

    Can anyone tell me if I've ruined my hardware?

    Thank you

    MSI P35 Neo2
    2GB OCZ DDR2 1066
    MSI 8800GT
    Seagate 7200.11 500GB
    OCZ 700W PSU
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    If your system wont Post or if you can't get into your motherboard's bios menu, you've got much bigger issues than a messed up windows registry.

    You can't ruin hardware by making changes to your registry. But if you can't get into bios you have much bigger issues on your hands--that have nothing to do with Anydvd nor Clonedvd.
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    Well that's almost a relief. I'm totally lost.

    It just seems way too coincidental to me. I've had this pc running smoothly for about a week and the first time I restarted 5 minutes after these deletions, it was dying. It made it to the bios once and then wouldn't load windows. On the second restart, I got a warning from my mobo LED that the GPU wasn't functioning. Another restart and I received a warning from my mobo that there was a memory error.

    I guess I just don't even know what part to RMA.
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    I'm going to move this thread into the General Hardware Issues forum.

    We're you overclocking anything?

    If you have a spare graphics card or more than one stick of memory, I'd start swapping stuff out.

    q6600, you were overclocking that right? 700W power supply

    overclocking your 8800gt?

    I know I'd be overclocking that stuff. No gamer gets a 6600 and doesn't overclock it.

    You may have fried something.
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    Thanks for moving this to the appropriate forum. I was overclocking to 2800mhz, but everything was running cool. I have a nice zerotherm tower that was keeping the idle at about 37C, load at 52C. The GPU was a factory overclocked card. I guess I could start by sending that back and seeing what happens. I don't have a spare as this was my first build.

    I'm just ready to cry. This thing was running so well.
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    Hmmm, that is a fairly modest overclock. Even 3000 is pretty modest with the q6600 (do you know what stepping your cpu was)? Do you remember your voltage setting or did you just let bios take care of it?

    The object for now is to get into bios and ensure everything is NOT overclocked. Set everything back to "auto".

    Do you have two sticks of memory?

    Take one out. Retest. Problem? Then take that one out and put the other back in.

    At this point the problem could be anything.

    Are all the cables and cards secure?

    Just take out the video card and try to reseat it properly.

    Unfortunately, it seems to me that you may have possibly fried something (possibly even your motherboard, in which case, attempting to troubleshoot is going to be severely difficult; if the motherboard is faulty then swapping out parts probably isn't going to help you narrow the problem down).

    Windows registry issues though aren't going to affect you trying to get into your motherboard's bios settings.

    Anyway, maybe some others here can help you out, but without spare parts and without my being there trying to figure that problem out is going to be difficult.

    My condolences :(

    Overclocking can be a risky business
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    Many thanks for all of your help. I wasn't sure where to start and you've been more than generous in the forums of some software that i'm becoming more convinced wasn't my problem. Hopefully this thread will convince any others with a similar experience.

    The voltage was as follows:

    CPU V - 1.3500
    mem V - 2.1
    VTT - 1.225
    NB V - 1.3
    SB - 1.6

    I don't think anything was too hot. and it had been stable for days and through hours of intensive graphics rendering. The RAM is rated for 2.3 V and that's real hot... I've kept it under that amount at all times.

    If I have a monitor plugged into any of the ports in the GPU, the mobo LED hangs on trying to initialize the video interface. That's consistent through all the RAM swapping I've done. If I unplug a monitor, it hangs on trying to initialize a boot drive. When I plug a monitor back up at that point hoping to see "insert boot disk", there's nothing. I guess that all adds up to a video card- I hope nothing more.
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    Yeah, I thought maybe your cpu might have been too high, but as long as you don't go above ~1.45-1.5V and keep temps down that should be fine. But you're not even close to that, so . . .

    I recommend never running that high. They'll say it's rated for that much, but I would never set it to 2.3

    Hopefully that is the problem, especially since most of the Nvidia cards have great warranties (by the way, I do like Evga's warranty if you're in the U.S., with their step-up program; nvidia's directx 10.1 cards will be out in the near future). And they don't really care about overclocking (same goes for a lot of ram companies). So hopefully it's either your gpu or your ram. Your system is new anyway, so the store should also be willing to take back either of those two items.

    Don't do that. Just use jumpers to clear Cmos. Unless you disconnect the power supply first, you run the risk of causing problems . . .
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