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Diablo II - can Blizzard detect GameJackal?


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Jun 29, 2007
I am worried about playing D2 online with GameJackal. Blizzard is notorious in banning accounts using "no-cd" and hacks. Am I safe using GameJackal?
Perfectly safe.

Many companies, including Blizzard, check the binaries for differences. If you are using altered binaries, it usually just tells you that you have the wrong version. This is one of the many advantages of using GJ over CD cracks. No alteration gets made to the game code or its functionality, so you can play games online regardless of what they check.

As far as Blizzard et al are concerned, accounts mostly get banned when a non-legit key is used.
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in diablo 2 there are 3 major things that can get you banned: hacking/hashing, illegit cd key, using no-cd cracks/launchers.

game jackal isn't a no-cd crack/launcher, its very difficult to explain but take it at that. ;)