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    Hi, i've just downloaded CloneDVD mobile, WOW. :bowdown:

    I've been looking around for weeks for a program that converts dvd to divx quickly, at high quality and with a sensible GUI, my search is over !!!

    I do have one question though: (forgive me if there is another thread about this, but I couldnt find it!)

    It seems that the only way to change the advanced settings (audio bit rate, volume, etc) is to amend the devices.ini, is there anywhere that details what options you can have and what they do (without going through the whole of the MEncoder help :eek: !) ?

    I've seen other threads that list whole profiles, but not what each option means or how the "mopts" or "lavcopts" can be constructed.

    One thing im looking for is how to change the output to 30fps, but I would also really like to know what else can be done.

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    Sticky thread on format extensions gives plenty of info on options, and it is not that long (compared to Mencoder help).

    FAQ on all these options might be a nice feature ;)

    What device is this for? Here are some standard settings for 30fps: