development should of already been done for the mac

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by kyrunner, Jan 1, 2008.

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  1. kyrunner

    kyrunner Well-Known Member

    This might sound like a rant but hear me out first.I have all the slysoft products which I run on a mac through parallels, and as a mac user I hate to have to use windows but I do. For the love of me I cannot figure out why the slysoft products are not ported to the mac. All new Macs are intel based which means that programs for windows should easily be ported over to the mac with not much effort at all. Mac sales this year alone are up 20% can you imagine how much money the guys at slysoft could make if all they did was port this great program over to the intel based mac.On the mac side you are limited to one program mac the ripper just think of the money slysoft could make by bringing this product over to the mac. Many developers are porting there apps to mac since the mac went intel over 2 years ago.I know a little about programming I.m currently learning visual basic .net.I would like a developer from slysoft to comment on this as to why this app has not been ported to intel macs.As a business standpoint slysoft would seem to need this because all the programs they have out now every one has bought think of the revenue stream for making this app for macs.Would love to here from a slysoft team and tell me why its hard to port this app to macs.

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  2. TM2-Megatron

    TM2-Megatron Well-Known Member

    Which likely means the sales are still miniscule compared to the number of Windows-based PCs sold. It's great that Mac stuff "just works" for some people, but one of the things pretty much everyone who buys a Mac has to accept is the fact that there isn't a whole lot of variety in the software arena. Mac users seem to be lucky if they have 2 (they must be ecstatic when there are 3) different applications to choose from for any given purpose. That fact, and the fact they aren't nearly as easily upgradeable or customizable, is what keeps me from bothering with Macs.

    Personally, I feel Apple should simply retool OSX and market it has a standard operating system, instead of limiting it to run only on Mac systems. Now that they're all Intel-based, it would be remarkably easy. It would likely have a similar rough start to Vista, since many new drivers and applications would need to be made or redone for it. I know I wouldn't mind dropping windows in favour of OSX, but there's no way I'm going to limit myself to the meagre hardware Apple decides to issue.
  3. mwb1100

    mwb1100 Active Member

    I'm not sure if the main reason for Slysoft not having Mac versions is business or technical, but as far as a port being easy because the Macs use the same processor - this would be highly unlikely. The main issues with a port are usually related to the APIs and SDKs used, not the processor (most code nowadays is written in C or some other high level language - the processor is of little matter). So I doubt that a port would be particularly simple.
  4. waxman

    waxman Guest

    Waaaaaah, that's what you get for buying a MAC, I mean, cuz, you know it just works (pfffttt). You still are a tiny, tiny fraction of computer users, why waste the time and money porting it over. What you need to do is dual boot your SMAC and just run windows, or you could just stick with SMAC the ripper and take your chances after all, it just works.....:disagree:
  5. kyrunner

    kyrunner Well-Known Member

    Would be nice if a developer would chime in on this thread and explain to us why the program is not being made for the mac os.
  6. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

  7. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Don't insult people here please. :policeman:
  8. waxman

    waxman Guest

    I'm going to go with: because they don't want to waste the time and money to make a Mac version let alone support it once it is made, especially when there are so few Mac users that would buy the program, huge cost, very little return.
    Also since you can dual boot the Mac why bother having a version for the Mac OS and one for Windows, make one for Windows and it covers both, problem solved. Rock on!!!! :clap:
  9. waxman

    waxman Guest

    Sorry Webby, just have a hard time with people and their Mac's when the answer is painfully obvious. I will keep it in check.
  10. kyrunner

    kyrunner Well-Known Member

    [ Why do you have such a hard time with people with macs? maybe you know deep down inside macs are more superior than a pc with macs no viruses no spyware they just work!. The point of my thread was not to get into a pissing contest over mac vs pc I was just interested into why no development for the mac I think you have been watching to many I'm a mac and I'm a pc.
  11. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    AnyDVD is very difficult to port, because it is running as part / as an extension of the operating system. So, mayor parts of it can't be "ported", they have to be rewritten by very skilled people very familiar with OSX.
    Having INTEL CPUs in newer Macs doesn't help at all.
  12. kyrunner

    kyrunner Well-Known Member

    Thank you for you're reply Thats all I wanted to know.
  13. waxman

    waxman Guest

    I don't have a hard time with people with Smacs, just the apple fanboys, that's all. SMACS are superior, puhleaze, that's why you started this post crying about not being able to run AnyDvd on your SMAC, oh, but wait, they "just work" yeah right. There are virus' for Smac and AdWare, but why bother spending your time writing them when you know nobody uses a SMAC so what good would writing a virus be? I understand what you were asking and I told you why they wouldn't do it but you didn't want to accept my answer. You missed the whole point when i told you to dual boot and you can have the best of both worlds. Now the SMAC montiors, mmmmmm, me wants to make sweet, sweet love to them!!! The only way to make a SMAC work is to run Windows on it, now you are talkin'. I will give you one other wood creator on the SMACS and that is on the laptops when it's dark and the keyboard lights up, now that is sweet, but still put Windows on it. 8)
  14. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Look, he owns a Mac. He was simply asking why Slysoft hadn't developed the programs for the Mac. That doesn't make him a "fanboy".

    I've already asked you nicely. You can now consider this a warning. If you can't post without insulting people, then don't post. :policeman:

    James already responded to his question, and kyrunner accepted James' response.

    Keeping this thread open is just going to create a flame war.

    Thread closed. :policeman:
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