DeUHD Tool can rip UHD Blu-Ray discs

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    Is the current status regarding UHD BD protection that e.g. MakeMKV can decrypt all the disc that exists as long as users submit "dumps" for discs currently not supported.
    Than would make AACS2 practically useless at the moment. That may change though when BDA realizes the big picture. I find it strange that nothing seem to have happened yet. No studio suspending releasing till further notice, no BD+ kind of extra protection like what happened in the early days of standard Blu-ray. No revoking of keys. I guess it would hurt whole slowly rising 4K UHD BD business too much.

    I tried MakeMKV method during the weekend and backuped my copy of Deadpool. Remuxed main audio and one set of subtitles to mkv file. Worked fine and took only 35-40 mins. I have a BH16NS55 1.02 drive.
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    As far as studios suspending the release of titles the number of people ripping UHD titles is probably not even a drop in the bucket to the number of people purchasing them so it's doubtful the studios even care at this point or if they're even aware of it yet.
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    Sure they care. But it is likely viewed as part of the doing business, something that was expected, and something they have folks figuring out the next move to thwart it. As for delaying releases, that would be silly as every single DVD and Blu-ray can be ripped the day it is released yet they still release them by the truckload without delay.
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    The studios probably care a little bit. The reality is that this will help the UHD format because people like me won't invest in the format until we're able to format shift it. I'm sure if this becomes a big enough issue that the studios will start to look at what options they have to counter it. We're at the VERY beginning of this whole thing with only 2 companies able to release title keys so far. Once Redfox is able to figure it out and add support for it like we have for blu-ray where it's totally automated, then we'll see how things go.
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    Yes, I will concede that they probably do care somewhat, but certainly not enough to halt releases until they find a fix. I'm sure they have somebody looking into it, but again, to halt releases over this would be extremely disruptive to a lot of parties with huge financial stakes in these films and home media markets.
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    Ummm, they still distribute DVD and blu-rays even though those protections have been thoroughly thrashed. So, no, it's not going to make them stop doing anything. They'll likely see what, if anything, can be changed going forward to prevent future titles from being ripped. The ones out now? Already too late for those.
  7. Thank you. One quick question: which drives are compatible with decrypting UHD Blu-Rays using MakeMKV? Someone told me on another forum that normal UHD Blu-ray drives which utilize the AACS 2.0 certificate are incompatible. MakeMKV only has an AACS 1.0 certificate, so only so-called “UHD friendly” BD-XL drives are compatible. The reason is MakeMKV does not support AACS 2.0, meaning it cannot properly communicate with normal UHD Blu-ray drives. In summary, this means that normal UHD Blu-ray drives cannot work and only “UHD friendly” BD-XL drives work. For example, both the LG BU40N and LG BU50N laptop drives (which only my small form factor system can fit) would not work using the latest method, correct?
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    Yes this is correct. Friendly bdxl drives lsted will allow mkv to access uhd with a aacs 1.0 certificate to spit out the disk volume and get the hash keys to allow ripping. Its a loophole but will eventually be closed by rom devices. I ordered the ASUS BW-16D1HT to put my entire uhd collection on my computer for a kodi htpc front end. Working with mike directly to get this done.
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    Is this a factual thing? Apologize my ignorance but I thought that given that the Oppo support the BD 25 and BD 50 recordable disc, same thing could happen with BD 100... Am I saying and stupid thing?

    Have anybody tried to burn a 4K ISO into a BD100 and try to play it on the Oppo?
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    Yes. Someone in mkv UHD forum had success. Go read up....
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    Sorry gereral1 but I did not find any message regarding this thing... I have a 67GB 4K video with BDMV and Certificate folders structure. My blu ray burner (Pioneer BDR-209EBK) can burn BDXL discs (have a look here: so before buying the quite expensive 100GB BDXL blank discs, I would like to know if my Oppo 203 will read them or not... Any thoughts?

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    Hey Badnews, which drive do you run external on the Oppo UDP-203? I am having no luck with the LG WH16NS60 both in a usb enclosure or wired with a sata to usb adapter. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Hi folks
    Does anybody have a original 4k uhd disc with the move Close Encounters of the Third Kind?
    I need a folder JAR with sub-folders from original disc. Who can share the folder JAR with sub-folders from original disc?
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    Whatever you're planning to do, won't work unless the folder shared is from the EXACT same version as yours. Otherwise you'll end up with a faulty file structure

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    Hi, If you have a backup folder in the structure, try looking at if you find the JAR folder.
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    I have tried but with same result. The JAR folder in the BUCKUP is also broken.
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    Has any of you guys been able to purchase a license via their website using a credit card?

    I have used two different cards on two different PCs, I also have tried via mobile phone - but till now I haven't had any success!

    "Payment failed" keeps on popping up...
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    I'd ask them for support if it's not working. There's nothing members here will be able to assist you with if they were able to get a license.

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