Determining which VOBs correspond to which title sets on DVDs

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by walris, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. walris

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    Does anyone know of an easy way to determine which VOBs correspond to the title set that CloneDVD shows?

    With all of the new structural protection, especially on Lionsgate DVD titles, AnyDVD does a nice job eliminating the bogus title sets, but for the one(s) remaining, I would like to pin down which VOB files pair up with those title sets.

    Hope that makes sense. Not an issue once AnyDVD is updated to remove bogus title sets, but before it does, CloneDVD will show many similar Titles and once I determine the real one, I would like to be able to back in to which VOBs that title represents.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Yeah it's in the CloneDVD preview window. That said, you still won't be able to copy them unless AnyDVD handles the protection correctly. That's the whole point of it, to prevent you from doing just what you want to do. If AnyDVD doesn't handle the disc fine, logfile please. No logfile: no fix

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  3. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    CloneDVD shows titles, not title sets. The relation which title belongs to which title set (VTS) can be found in an AnyDVD logfile.
  4. walris

    walris Well-Known Member

    Thanks to Ch3vron and James.

    Ch3vron: I don't see the VOB listed anywhere in the preview window, just titles and chapters. The video titles line about the title, play time, etc. line is blank.

    James: Thanks. I was mixing my titles/chapters and title sets.

    Both: I am looking through the logfile (attached), but am not clearly seeing an easy play to determine what VOBs are paired with Title 1, which AnyDVD is selecting as the correct Title. Any help pointing to the proper file within the ziplog and where to look/understand the linkage would be appreciated.

    Note: I used Virtual CloneDrive to mount the decrypted .iso. Usually I go straight from my purchased copy, if it makes a difference.


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  5. Yaris

    Yaris Well-Known Member

    Why are you still using that older version? is available.
  6. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Search for "Title List:" in AnyDVD_log.txt. This is from your logfile:
    Title List:
    Title 1 = VTS 14 VTSTT 1
    Title 2 = VTS 2 VTSTT 1
    Title 3 = VTS 3 VTSTT 1
    Title 4 = VTS 4 VTSTT 1
    Title 5 = VTS 4 VTSTT 2
    Title 6 = VTS 5 VTSTT 1
    Title 7 = VTS 7 VTSTT 1
    Title 8 = VTS 7 VTSTT 1
    Title 9 = VTS 7 VTSTT 2
    Title 10 = VTS 7 VTSTT 3
    Title 11 = VTS 7 VTSTT 4
    Title 12 = VTS 8 VTSTT 1
    Title 13 = VTS 8 VTSTT 2
    Title 14 = VTS 7 VTSTT 1
    Title 15 = VTS 7 VTSTT 1
    Title 16 = VTS 7 VTSTT 1
    Title 17 = VTS 12 VTSTT 1
    Title 18 = VTS 7 VTSTT 1
    Title 19 = VTS 7 VTSTT 1
    Title 20 = VTS 7 VTSTT 1
    Title 21 = VTS 7 VTSTT 1
    Title 22 = VTS 14 VTSTT 2
    For example, Title 1 and 22 belong to title set 14. (VTS_14_x.VOB)
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  7. blank

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    Wow - that´s goog to know!
  8. walris

    walris Well-Known Member

    Thanks, James. Very helpful. And to Yaris, I updated versions right after I posted!