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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by tobar72, Nov 22, 2015.

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    I searched through the forum to understand IF cinavia watermark was used on movies I had (considering how much it is talked about) and how to detect the watermark.

    I don't remember the poster's name(s), but there was a suggestion of a notice during title preview. There was also the suggestion that it should probably say on back of bluray case. I tried with some movies the internet said had cinavia (like hangover II or III, don't remember others) and I didn't see any notifications of detection. After many searches, I found 'Friends with Benefits' bluray definitely had cinavia protection (based on cinavia logo on back).

    Using an ISO I ripped with anydvdHD of 'Friends with Benefits', I loaded into CloneBD (v1.0.6.9) and did a title preview play and the beaver (Bert) gave notification about 7-8 seconds into playing preview. Attached is a screen grab.

    I tried to do a disc copy with compression and ticked preview during encoding and Bert didn't complain.

    The only way I got Bert (the beaver) to notify me was to do a 'Title Preview' and play for 10 seconds or more.

    I understand better now and wanted to share with others. Hope this helps somebody.

    Bert's Cinavia Watermark Notification.PNG
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    Yes, that is the way. Playing the title in the player
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    Excellent post , I really like it when someone posts to help others. Thank you tobar72.
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    SlyFox 1:

    I think that posts like what the OP (tobar72) did should be like a sticky for newbies and those of us that are experienced with this software, just so all the redundant questions are taken care of.

    EDIT: Also note that this would be a selling point for CloneBD, just to show how this software used with AnyDVD HD can take on Cinavia and make a useful backup.
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    BTW, I want to give credit to people associated, I don't know how to refer to thread, but it is regard to:
    Pixels movie
    Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by calcu007, Oct 27, 2015.

    In that thread, ddjmagic, said:
    "The back cover has the 'Protected by Cinavia' logo so I'd be surprised if it didn't have Cinavia."


    I didn't know what Cinavia logo on back of bluray case looked like, so I didn't know what to look for. To help other recognize that logo, attached is an image of lower portion of back of case 'Friends with Benefits' (Bluray+DVD+UV Dec 2, 2011):

    Cinavia Logo on Friends with Benefits.PNG

    Protected/ is the little purple logo near bottom center.

    I now know what the logo looks like on the back of bluray case, so I hope this helps someone else looking through this forum.
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    It would be nice but we have way too many stickys that people do not read already, when a post gets stuck, it doesn't necessarily mean people read it first. Look at how many time we have to tell people to post a .log file and there is a sticky for that. tobar72s post will stay in my important thread file to refer people to.
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    SlyFox 1, you're correct on that point. I forgot how many times I had to ask for a log when you Mods weren't around.
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    I just got Hotel Translyvania (2012) from Sony (has purple logo on back of case) and I previewed it in title preview player and this time it took at least 20 seconds for Bert the Beaver to complain.

    So maybe to be on the safe side, preview the title for 30-45 seconds.

    If anybody has movie that takes longer for Bert to complain about the Cinavia watermark, please let me (and others) know. Thank you in advance.
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  9. Jeff53404

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    There must be a technical name for what I'm calling the slider marker handle but if you grab the slider and move it quickly, as though you were watching 1 hours worth of the film in seconds, Bert will notify you. It happens quickly. If you drag the slider more slowly, it is easier to catch any and all alerts from Bert. It has worked every time Cinavia is present.

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    Timeline indicator
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    FREEVIDEO Active Member


    FREEVIDEO Active Member

    good post but i think only sony pictures put the logo of cinavia in their movies ,furius 7 have cinavia is from universal and dont have logo in their original cases and other movies too

    FREEVIDEO Active Member

    already tryng with transporter refueled ,bert dont came out with message ,right now copy original usa br let you known later what happenned
  14. whatever_gong82

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    FREEVIDEO, right now, I'd say that Sony, Universal, and Lionsgate are the ones that are using Cinavia on all their Blu-ray/DVDs, from the latest results of the releases from the individual studios.
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    American Ultra non blue ray DVD Cinavia Mute added :(
  16. MCalca1706

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    Does the Beaver also alert you to Cinavia in Any DVD HD or Clone BD created ISO Files and Blu Ray Folders?
    Does this also work with Cinavia DVD's? If not is there any way to know aside from looking at the cover?
  17. Ch3vr0n

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    The type of bluray source doesn't matter. If it has cinavia the beaver will warn you. DVD's no, CloneBD as the name suggests only works with blurays. Another way, some sites maintain a list but not here.

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  18. James

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    Cinavia DVDs have an AACS directory, so you can check with Windows explorer.
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