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    I am trialing CloneBD 64-bit. I have a Dell M7730 with i7-8850H six-core processor, 32GB RAM and an AMD Radeon graphics card. I have a folder of The Fifth Element 4K UHD (ripped from 4K UHD Blu ray) on one 2TB SSD and want to reduce the size so that the resulting video will fit on a BD-50. The destination folder is on a separate 2TB SSD in the same machine. I have used the trial version of CloneBD successfully for other 4K movies that don’t require reduction in size of the video but will fit on a BD-50 if the audio is downsized. In those instances, my LG UBK80 plays the resulting disc perfectly. I was hoping for the same result with a disc where the video had to be downsized in order to fit on the disc. I wanted to do a trial under the free version with the CloneBD watermark to determine video/audio quality and whether subtitles show up (important for me).

    Attached is a screenshot of what happens exactly six minutes into the video.

    The conversion rate drops to zero and it says “your destination drive is too slow to process the output fast enough.” As noted, the remaining conversion time (assuming CloneBD would actually continue processing) is over 4 hours, which would be OK for me…if the process would complete. I get the same result whether I choose to downsize the audio or leave as-is (just downsize video). The “destination drive too slow” thing is difficult to comprehend given that both SSDs are Intel PCIe NVME, not the fastest SSDs but should be better than HDD via USB.

    Is there something I need to set in my computer to avoid this, or does it have to do with this being a trial version of CloneBD?

    (Does same thing at 5:54 mark of Starship Troopers 4K UHD BTW - Tried that one too.)

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    Thanks for the reply! Here’s some more things since my original post:

    This is the first time I can remember having any issue like this. I have done many conversions using BD-Rebuilder and have not seen issues with the program stopping or failing to encode.

    Last evening, I tried doing a file conversion from the internal NVME drive to an outboard USB 3.0 HDD. The conversion stopped with the same message after doing about 2 minutes of the movie. Based on that, I don’t think it’s a driver or heat issue.

    I downloaded DVDFab 11 and trialed their UHD Creator. That seems to work fine, although it is ungodly slow (the trial limits you to doing the first 10 minutes of the movie and it takes my machine about an hour and a half to do that); it does finish the trial decoding and produces a file that appears fine from a quality standpoint. I think that if the problem were heat, or drivers, or whatever, DVDFab would have the same issue.

    I had noticed a separate thread for a similar issue a few years ago. Presumably the issue was fixed (I say “presumably” because the thread didn’t make clear whether or not it ever was fixed). Based on that thread, it appeared to be a CloneBD issue rather than something in the users’ systems or something they needed to do to avoid the problem.

    This looks to me to be an issue where CloneBD just won’t do UHD files on my machine for some reason. I’d like to buy it but it just looks like it’s not working for me. :(
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    Thanks, we're looking into this - it may be related to a similar problem that we are fixing at the moment.
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    Thanks very much! Let me know if there's any further information I can provide you that might help to fix this.
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    My apologies for bumping the thread but CloneBD still exhibits this behavior on my machine with betas and
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    May I ask if your destination drive is connected via Wifi? And can you make a log when you run into the issue that the framerate drops to 0? Your provided log unfortunately ends before that time and up to this point everything seems normal.

    Also, in a few weeks we will add full support for hardware based HEVC encoding for all recent AMD GPUs, your GPU is among those that will have HEVC acceleration. This should improve encoding speed by a significant amount.
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    My computer is a Dell Precision 7730 workstation laptop. It has an i7-8850H processor and 32 GB RAM. The laptop has three 2 TB NVMe storage drives in addition to the OS drive. The ripped files are on one of the drives and I’m having them written to a separate drive, which is the destination. I have tried having CloneBD write to an outboard USB 3.0 HDD and I get the same result.

    What happens is that after so many minutes (usually about 5 or 6 minutes of the movie), this is usually less than an hour after starting the process, CloneBD for all intents and purposes stops. I can tell that the processor isn’t doing anything because the fans aren’t running. I haven’t just let it continue because even though it says 100% input and output, the conversion rate is zero, so even though, as in the example I posted, the “remaining time” is 4+ hours, nothing is happening so I don’t believe that number is valid. As I see it, the program has effectively crashed even though it’s technically still running.

    I have removed CloneBD and reinstalled it. I have tried the betas since 64-bit. I can’t remember if I tried the 32-bit but that seems counter-intuitive.

    With that in mind, how can I make a log that will help you? I will have CloneBD spend the day working on Fifth Element again, I’ll let it go for several hours even after it stops and see what happens.

    I am also trying BD-Rebuilder latest versions that support UHD and while I have had the computer running almost 24 hours, it has completed the job and the result is a usable file.
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    FWIW, attached is a screen snip of CloneBD working on Fifth Element. It's been at Time index 6:08 and 4% complete for over two hours. Elapsed time and remaining time appear to be working, but the decoder has slowed to virtually zero. Am I reading correctly that "frames per second" is negative? FifthElement830.PNG
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    When CloneBD comes to a halt, as you say, can you no longer abort and save the log file? (That would be an important information).
    If so, you can at least enable the debug log windows (through settings) before you start and when CloneBD halts, you should be able to copy the contents of that window.
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    OK, I let CloneBD run and it is showing remaining time zero but still running. It seems to be "stuck" on something. I've attached another screenshot of what it looks like this morning, plus the Debug file. If you think I can provide any further information that might help, please let me know. And thanks...I sure hope this problem can be solved!

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  12. Fabian

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    I'm having a look at this.
  13. 84Lion

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    Thanks very much! I hope you can figure out what's causing the problem.
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    Wow. I get practically the same behavior while encoding Valerian and the City of a 1000 Planets 4k UHD. It jams up at 4%, or about 6 minutes. I shuffled Temp, Output and Source between 2 HDDs and 1 SSD for the same result. The fps starts at 5 and drops to negative ten to the minus fifteen. I have a Ryzen & 2700 and two GTX760. I know the 760s can't handle h.265.
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    Sorry to hear of your misfortune but I am glad it's not just me! Are you able to encode any other discs?

    My failed encodes usually start around 9 to 11 fps if memory serves, then they ramp down to 2 or 1 fps, then drop to "less than zero" also at about 4% and somewhere between 5 to 8 minutes of the movie.
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    84Lion, previously I squeezed "For a Few Dollars More" (1080p) from 46 GB to fit onto a 25 GB disc without any problem. Since it's an h.264 job my two GTX760 in SLI produced over 300 fps. With the above 4k movie, the starting fps depends on whether I choose "high quality", "avg. speed/quality", or "highest speed". I got about 3, 6, and 12 fps respectively. I believe the one thing our systems have in common is 32 GB of RAM. you have an intel system and I have an AMD one. I just looked at the screenshot above. I'm sure one of my attempts stopped at 00:06:08 too.
    curiouser or what? I sent my screenshot and debug file to support@elby.ch
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    OK, I have not used CloneBD for any FHD (1080p) discs because I use BD-Rebuilder for that ;). Actually, BD-Rebuilder does work to shrink UHD discs as well, the problem is that right now it takes forever to do a job (typically barely under 24 hours if you want a high quality encode, although it's much less if you choose the low-quality option, which actually produces a very good result), and it does not seem to be able to handle seamless branching titles (The Martian Extended Edition, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, and Gladiator are some examples). CloneBD does work for me on UHD titles where the main movie can be "extracted" without re-encoding, as the resulting file fits on a BD-50. Normally this requires re-encoding audio only.
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    I recently got a new computer which appears to have fixed the problem – sort of. The new computer is a Dell 7740 with i9-9980HK processor and NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 graphics processor. Using hardware acceleration (CUDA), processing a typical UHD title takes about an hour, depending on the title, and with highest quality selected. With hardware acceleration, I get a completed job and no messages about the destination drive being too slow. However, I did perform a transcode of Valerian UHD to BD-50 (feature only) with hardware acceleration unchecked. Again, the process got so far (about 6 minutes into the film) and I got a “destination drive too slow” message and transcoding stopped. I then re-did Valerian under the same conditions but with hardware acceleration and CloneBD worked perfectly.

    Bottom line seems to be that if you have a graphics processor that CloneBD can take advantage of, you’re in good shape as far as UHD is concerned. Otherwise, CloneBD appears to choke even very high-end CPUs when it comes to UHD.

    I am still evaluating CloneBD; I will probably purchase it now that I know it works (it does do a very good job, very quickly), however, I am concerned that CloneBD apparently can’t work on UHD titles unless hardware acceleration (CUDA) can be invoked. I have to say, though, that when it works, CloneBD produces superb results and does the job quickly.
  19. Pete

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    I'd just like to add that processing UHD (especially HEVC10 -> HEVC10 recoding) is factually a no-go-at-all on a CPU (unless you're on a super-computer).
    That's not CloneBD's fault, it's the insanely CPU hungry HEVC10, that really requires HW acceleration..

    If you don't select "highest quality", you will end up with maybe 5 - 10 fps at 2160p.
    If you do, you're probably at less than a frame per second.

    It works. But just don't.

    And: unless CloneBD really gets stuck, you can safely ignore the "destination drive too slow" stuff (sometimes the reasons are actually different ones). This information was meant to help people optimize their PCs, but IMO it only confuses people.
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    @Pete Thx, maybe this is the missing piece [4 me]. This, http://www.powerspec.com/systems/system_specs.phtml?selection=G705, my PC. I bought this for the purpose of using CloneBD for this and some other things as well. So, the hardware issue is really that intense?
    @84Lion You were able to process UHD with your rig w/o this "out of space"? For me, the time to process just starts to go into many hours in addition to the message.
    EDIT: For me,I thought maybe this, https://www.amd.com/en/support/grap...d-radeon-rx-5700-series/amd-radeon-rx-5700-xt, hardware update would help. But, I have not had a chance to test it yet.