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    I am trialing CloneBD 64-bit. I have a Dell M7730 with i7-8850H six-core processor, 32GB RAM and an AMD Radeon graphics card. I have a folder of The Fifth Element 4K UHD (ripped from 4K UHD Blu ray) on one 2TB SSD and want to reduce the size so that the resulting video will fit on a BD-50. The destination folder is on a separate 2TB SSD in the same machine. I have used the trial version of CloneBD successfully for other 4K movies that don’t require reduction in size of the video but will fit on a BD-50 if the audio is downsized. In those instances, my LG UBK80 plays the resulting disc perfectly. I was hoping for the same result with a disc where the video had to be downsized in order to fit on the disc. I wanted to do a trial under the free version with the CloneBD watermark to determine video/audio quality and whether subtitles show up (important for me).

    Attached is a screenshot of what happens exactly six minutes into the video.

    The conversion rate drops to zero and it says “your destination drive is too slow to process the output fast enough.” As noted, the remaining conversion time (assuming CloneBD would actually continue processing) is over 4 hours, which would be OK for me…if the process would complete. I get the same result whether I choose to downsize the audio or leave as-is (just downsize video). The “destination drive too slow” thing is difficult to comprehend given that both SSDs are Intel PCIe NVME, not the fastest SSDs but should be better than HDD via USB.

    Is there something I need to set in my computer to avoid this, or does it have to do with this being a trial version of CloneBD?

    (Does same thing at 5:54 mark of Starship Troopers 4K UHD BTW - Tried that one too.)

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    Thanks for the reply! Here’s some more things since my original post:

    This is the first time I can remember having any issue like this. I have done many conversions using BD-Rebuilder and have not seen issues with the program stopping or failing to encode.

    Last evening, I tried doing a file conversion from the internal NVME drive to an outboard USB 3.0 HDD. The conversion stopped with the same message after doing about 2 minutes of the movie. Based on that, I don’t think it’s a driver or heat issue.

    I downloaded DVDFab 11 and trialed their UHD Creator. That seems to work fine, although it is ungodly slow (the trial limits you to doing the first 10 minutes of the movie and it takes my machine about an hour and a half to do that); it does finish the trial decoding and produces a file that appears fine from a quality standpoint. I think that if the problem were heat, or drivers, or whatever, DVDFab would have the same issue.

    I had noticed a separate thread for a similar issue a few years ago. Presumably the issue was fixed (I say “presumably” because the thread didn’t make clear whether or not it ever was fixed). Based on that thread, it appeared to be a CloneBD issue rather than something in the users’ systems or something they needed to do to avoid the problem.

    This looks to me to be an issue where CloneBD just won’t do UHD files on my machine for some reason. I’d like to buy it but it just looks like it’s not working for me. :(
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    Thanks, we're looking into this - it may be related to a similar problem that we are fixing at the moment.
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    Thanks very much! Let me know if there's any further information I can provide you that might help to fix this.