Despite being scanned, some DVDs are not ripped

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    I'm brand new in this forum; I'm very satisfied of AnyDVD; however I've a fews DVD that were rejected, without being ripped.

    Before the rip abort, AnyDVD begin to analyse in real time the DVD and publish this message :

    "AnyDVD analyse your DVD, wait for a little moment, your DVD will be soon available"

    Here's what I'm using :

    MyMovies version 5.31 (Build 2)

    NIMBIE NB21-BR (Drive is a ASUS BW-16D)

    Windows 10 Home Edition version 20H2

    AnyDVD 8.5.1

    Now, the list of rejected DVD :

    1 - Le Livre de la Jungle (The Jungle Book) - 2007

    Zone 2 (Pal) - EDV 202

    Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Disney)

    16:9, 1.75.1

    Fast Play function

    2 - Sherlock Holmes, Jeux d'Ombres (A Game of Shadows) - 2011

    Double Layer DVD

    Zone 2 (Pal) - EDV 4 - DIV 4

    Warner Bros, Entertainment Inc.

    16:9, 1.77.1

    3 - Remember Me - 2010

    Double Layer DVD - DVD 9

    Zone 2 (Pal) - EDV 1607 - DIV 4

    Warner Home Vidéo France

    1.85, 16:9 COMP 4/3

    Maybe there's others informations that I could bring you, but I don't know what tool I must use for that.
    Anyone to tell me how I can handle ripping these 3 DVDs ?

    Thank you for your support, BR,

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    Anytime you are having a problem with a disc, an AnyDVD log for each problematic disc, and whatever error you are receiving is needed to troubleshoot.
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    Ch3vron and mmdavis,
    Thank you for yours fast answers; I proceed those tests this week-end. BR
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    Relatively old movies on that list there. If you have been around these forums for any amount of time, the most common DVD blooper is that the user forgets to set their region to the drive itself. Setting the region of the drive does not mean you cannot rip imports, it's just a necessity to make things work.
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    Thank you Krawk, the region is set correctly.
    I've made 2 updates : Windows 10 Home edition + MyMovies 5.40. I've set default configuration to AnyDVD. Now there's just one DVD that isn't ripped after analyse.
    Here's the logfile create by AnyDVD

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  7. Ch3vr0n

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    If there was a disc inserted at the time of creating the logfile. It's not being recognised by the drive. Disable anydvd for a moment. Does windows see that disc now?
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    Ch3vron, thank you for your suggestion. I disable AnyDVD and my NIMBIE saw the disc; automaticly MyMovies began the ripping. Problem solved :thankyou: