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    Thank You and everyone else involved!

    Is there a new forum for CloneBD yet or what forum should be used for questions?

    Thanks very much again!
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    Thank you !
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    Combien ca va couter? j'ai peur du prix pour une license à vie si elle existe :confused:

    bravo quand meme il a c'est fait attendre mais cela en valler la peine :clap:
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    Official CloneBD V1.0.2.2 Release

    We are proud to announce the first public release of CloneBD Blu-ray Media Converter!

    CloneBD lets you copy your unprotected Blu-ray™ discs to all known disc formats such as ISO or BD, and all kind of devices like smart phones and tablets!SlySoft is offering a CloneBD introductory discount of 20% on all products, valid until Sunday, January 18 2015.

    CloneBD lets you copy any unprotected Blu-ray to your hard drive, or any blank Blu-ray disc. With just a few clicks you can choose to make a partial copy of selected titles, audio languages, and subtitle languages, or you can do a straight 1:1 complete copy of your Blu-ray. CloneBD makes perfect 1:1 clones, but also compresses BD-50 to a single BD-25, BD-9 or BD-5. CloneBD will also convert your Blu-ray discs to all popular file formats, such as .mp4, .mkv, .avi, and any devices like Android, iPhone/iPad, Smart TV, or any other current device. CloneBD supports all regions (A,B,C). There is no need to install a third party driver, since internal UDF 2.50 parser is already included. CloneBD supports multi-core CPUs and NVIDIA CUDA hardware acceleration for fastest copy speed.
    3D Blu-ray and H.265/HEVC is not supported yet, but will be available soon.

    [​IMG] Changelog CloneBD Blu-ray Media Converter

    CloneBD has been tested for a couple of month by our beta testers (thank you guys!)
    and they helped us to find and fix major and minor bugs and to improve the
    features of CloneBD.
    But no beta test can ensure a 100% perfect software application.
    CloneBD is not 100% perfect yet, but we are working hard to get there.

    Known issues:
    - Some old GPU drivers on Windows XP produce artifacts when transcoding
    - Super fast switching between audio tracks in preview player may lead to silence or wrong language
    - Some hardware players may have problems with chapter markers of compressed discs
    - On some titles the transcoding seams to be stuck for a few seconds, a fallback algorithm will resolve the issue after about 15 seconds

    Upcoming changes and features:
    - Full 3D support in compressed discs
    - Full 3D support in matroska files
    - Full subtitle support in matroska and MP4 files
    - Support for DVD output (downscaled to SD naturally)
    - Support for DLNA
    - Improved support for all new codecs, like WebM, HEVC, AAC+, FLAC and lots more 2014-12-12
    - First Public Release Enjoy.
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    Bon j'ai le prix maintenant :D
  7. ALPHA

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    Houla c'est le top...


    mieux qu'un autre logiciel que je ne citerais pas....

    merci :clap:
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    et bien evidement une licence Lifetime


    de plus aussi simple a utiliser que clone DVD tout est automatique cool!


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    Clone BD 15/12/2014

    Correction: Crash lors CloneBD lit quelques-BD dispositifs non UDF (inconnus) [# 319, # 324, # 325, # 401, # 402, # 420]
    Correction: crash sur certains ordinateurs avec un pilote héritage GPU [# 334]
    Fix: Division par zéro lorsqu'il ne est pas suffisamment d'espace image de couverture à la page de démarrage [# 329] pour
    Fix: DirectX parfois pas installé correctement. Corrections "d3dx9_43.dll est manquant" [# 443]
    Correction: Lancer code d'erreur 0xC0000007B sur XP / Vista lorsqu'il n'y a pas DirectX installés [# 443]
    Fix: Bug dans la bibliothèque de chaîne qui a causé crash de l'application [# 381, # 382, ​​# 383, # 384, # 385, # 387, # 388, # 389]
    Correction: étiquettes Saut à la page de progression [# 309]
    Changer: Réglez court délai réseau pour télécharger la liste des périphériques, dans le serveur de cas ne peut pas être trouvé. [# 314]
    Changement: Ajout info-bulle expliquant le sens de "Core Audio" [# 346]
    Change: convertisseurs handicapés de DXVA pour une bonne (en utilisant des shaders de pixels D3D place; plus rapide, plus fiable, plus configurable; -converters- ne sont touchés, pas -decoders-) [# 450]
    Quelques corrections et améliorations mineures
    Langues mises à jour
  10. Tom

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    CloneBD 2014-12-23
    • New: Disable beaver animation in settings [#338]
    • Change: Autofill titlestrip on player page before playback [#596]
    • Change: Sort installed devices in "add devices" window by manufacturer THEN by name [#340]
    • Change: Licenses will not expire before Jan 18th 2017 to accommodate early adopters [#600]
    • Change: Update [E]AC-3 parser to newest standard
    • Fix: Eject behaviour when ejecting while transcoding [#341]
    • Fix: Tooltips from obscured elements sometimes showed through popup windows.
    • Fix: Silent application exit on transcoder start
    • Fix: Division-by-zero when VC-1 frame rate parameters are unknown [#317]
    • Fix: Crash when IG command processor is accidentally invoked while transcoding (and not previewing) [#619]
    • Fix: Crash in AVC SEI parser on some discs [#632]
    • Fix: A crash when GPU does not provide a state block [#633]
    • Fix: Some crashes when frames need to be duplicated so synchronize video, audio at the beginning [#608]
    • Fix: Out-of-the-order chapter insertion with certain titles. [#598]
    • Fix: Stop background processing on start page
    • Fix: A number of crashes in Medium mode when no compression is used (packet filter mode)
    • Fix: Crash, when cover button gets clicked while no titles are selected. [#597]
    • Fix: Preview player displays "Title -1" during playback [#645]
    • Fix: Crash on read error during clip-switch (double magic packet buffer overrun).[#654]
    • Some minor fixes and improvements
    • Updated languages
  11. Tom

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    CloneBD 2015-01-05
    • New: Preliminary support for Chromecast (full support in a couple of days)
    • Fix: Crash when reading unusually long descriptors. [#670 #670, #673, #677, #678, #679, #684, #685, #692, #698, #706]
    • Fix: Crash in some situations when disc has been removed after transcoding [#668]
    • Fix: "A Million ways to Die in the West" has line breaks authored into the disc description, resulting in a non-writable output file name. Removing line breaks now. [#865]
    • Fix: Apply correct bitrate, when no actual recompression is required
    • Fix: When titles got trimmed, intime and outtime values in .clpi and .mpls files sometimes weren't updated accordingly.
    • Fix: Crash when saving project data for discs with many streams.
    • Fix: Some AVC streams are now decoded correctly
    • Fix: Better support for playback in Quicktime (though it does not fix all issues yes)
    • Fix: Improved handling of matroska containers
    • Fix: Faster x264 encoding
    • Fix: More AVC restrictions for playback on some hardware players (Panasonic)
    • Fix: Improved audio floating-point handling
    • Fix: Fome issues with audio distortion (EAC-3, MLP)
    • Fix: Improved handling of MPEG-4 ISO containers (aka .mp4)
    • Some minor fixes and improvements
    • Updated languages
  12. Tom

    Tom Redfox Team Member Staff Member

    CloneBD 2015-01-21
    • New: Data rate display. While transcoding, user can switch now between preview and data rate (preview disabled completely)
    • New: Added support for a different EAC-3 extension encoding found on some Disney Blu-ray (e.g. Brave)
    • Change: Optimized transcoding engine
    • Change: Faster preview mode by disabling LibAV frame reordering/caching
    • Change: Improved burn result error logging
    • Change: Enhanced burn speed [#534]
    • Change: Improved I/O throughput
    • Some minor fixes and improvements
    • Updated languages
  13. Tom

    Tom Redfox Team Member Staff Member

    CloneBD 2015-02-06
    • New: suppress display energy saving during preview playback
    • New: burn multiple discs (select in dropdown box on processing page)
    • New: added more DTS audio configurations [#919]
    • Change: force y-axis base in data rate plotter to zero
    • Change: reduced update interval of data rate plotter
    • Change: copy instead of recompress small still images
    • Fix: ensure empty temp path, sometimes residue from aborted transcodes was left over
    • Fix: fixed several burning issues
    • Fix: single frame menu background streams may fail (Lucy)
    • Fix: some super large video frames way beyond allowed size (RATATOUILLE_3D, RED_BIRD_2D_F3, HOUSE_OF_CARDS_TRILOGY_D1, FURY, THE DARK KNIGHT, WOODSTOCK_DIRECTORS_CUT, ...) [#1063]
    • Some minor fixes and improvements
    • Updated languages, added Farsi (Persian)
  14. Tom

    Tom Redfox Team Member Staff Member 2015-02-13
    • new: added profiles for MKV lossless audio and core audio
    • new: additional log entries for inserted media type (burn) and unselected streams
    • new: better support for iPhone 6
    • change: data rate graph left aligned to touch the y-axis
    • change: allow formatting of BD-RE discs without spare areas to improve writing speed.
    • fix: remaining time display was incorrect for discs with heavily varying data rate
    • fix: burn speed display halted after a while
    • fix: division by zero when maximum burn speed applied
    • fix: some parser errors in screen-pass disks
    • fix: some crashes in LibAV
    • some minor fixes and improvements
    • updated languages
  15. Tom

    Tom Redfox Team Member Staff Member 2015-02-16
    • new: log textual representations of error codes
    • fix: snapshots weren't correctly placed according to timestamps, also partly black images.
    • fix: ensure correct capacity report for unformatted BD-Rs
    • updated languages
  16. Tom

    Tom Redfox Team Member Staff Member

    CloneBD 2015-02-16
    • new: log textual representations of error codes
    • fix: snapshots weren't correctly placed according to timestamps, also partly black images.
    • fix: ensure correct capacity report for unformatted BD-Rs
    • updated languages
  17. Tom

    Tom Redfox Team Member Staff Member 2015-02-19
    • new: log file system names of destination drives
    • new: added additional log information for spurious "ERROR 4" results when burning
    • change: improved write speed on uncompressed Blu-ray copies.
    • change: improved plug&play behavior when drives get connected or removed during runtime.
    • change: allow selection of "max speed" only, if source disc is in same drive as destination drive, since possible speeds cannot be known at the time
    • fix: certain burn errors would cause CloneBD not to progress to the completion page.
    • fix: audio core was broken, resulting in oversized output, when selecting core only
    • some minor fixes and improvements
    • updated languages
  18. Tom

    Tom Redfox Team Member Staff Member 2015-02-26
    • new: added new sound files
    • new: added sound when CloneBD requests to swap the medium for burning
    • new: limit burn speed to 6x, because supported speeds reported by the drive are sometimes far higher than possible. Can be switched off in settings (use with caution! Too high speeds can result in write errors)
    • change: when source medium gets removed (e.g. for inserting a recordable disc for writing), hide navigation buttons "input" and "selection".
    • fix: potential problem when removing subpath streams from playlists
    • fix: when source and destination drive are the same, disc title and disc thumbnail weren't shown on completion page
    • fix: log file was missing line breaks, when unicode characters were logged.
    • fix: crash when the drive is removed due to read errors
    • fix: with single file creation, a change of the destination path sometimes got ignored. [#2602]
    • fix: audio removal at beginning of stream [#2645 #2625]
    • fix: prevent a possible late registration of audio streams
    • fix: verify against invalid stream context
    • fix: verify against out-of-memory allocations
    • fix: transcoding startup issues on some older CPU
    • fix: transfer unknown audio packets when filtering
    • some minor fixes and improvements
    • updated languages
  19. Tom

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    CloneBD 2015-03-11
    • fix: crash when creating log file after source disc was removed.
    • fix: audio delay with some streams (too much audio, or audio behind video)
    • fix: Burner SDK bug writing sectors twice, then aborting with ERROR 4
    • fix: audio sync issues (file output)
    • fix: audio sync issues on some streams
    • fix: selection panel sometimes did not honor the "single subtitle" flag in presets.
    • fix: processing of very large SEI in AVC (x264 encoding settings go on forever)
    • fix: allow more frame extensions (increased to 64 sub-frames)
    • fix: handling of AC-3 descriptors that are incorrectly used on BD following DVB spec
    • some minor fixes and improvements
    • updated languages
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    merci :agree: