Delta Farce won't back up

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by sneaks, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. sneaks

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    I used Anydvd 6171 beta and Dvd Shrink and Shrink won't even analyse it. but DvdFab HD Decrypter with shrink backed up just fine. Just thought everyone would like to know. Guess this is another one for Slysoft to update for.
  2. Webslinger

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    It could be the method you used--or a bad original disc where dvdfab just skipped over read errors (meaning you have an imperfect backup).

    Answer questions 8 and 9 from here please:
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  3. Charlie

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    I have yet to get this title but I wonder how CloneDVD2 will do just to say there is a problem is a bit vague without seein all aspects of what was tried. JMHO
  4. bilbo65

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    Who would want to back up that movie, let alone buy it, anyway?
  5. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    AnyDVD beta with CloneDVD2 or Nero Recode have no issues reading this disc. However it is true that DVD Shrink won't work in Full Disc or Re-Author mode. You can't access the disc with DVD Shrink.

    I can't attach the IFOs because the archive is 500k in size and I can't get it smaller compressing to ZIP. If RAR archives were allowed it is compressed to ~69k. Grrr. Attached is a screenshot of the IFOs with AnyDVD disabled.

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  6. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    I saw the same statements made about Blades of Glory. Who cares why? AnyDVD should handle the protections of all movies regardless of whether it's a masterpiece or a steaming pile of s***. In this case it's possible the changes made to the beta that handle Blades of Glory might have inadvertently now caused problems with DVD Shrink or some more tweaking needs to be done for full DVD Shrink compatibility. Only James will know for sure.

    Notice how similar the status screen in AnyDVD looks when compared to the Blades of Glory.
  7. pop

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    I used anyDVD ripper to rip to hard drive then used dvd shrink on the ripped files and backed it up just fine. (yes, I know it is a terrible movie but I am a fan of Larry and Engvall even tho both are not very good actors but do great stand-up JMHO)
  8. oldjoe

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    I had the same issue with Shrink. I did it with Fab Platinum.
  9. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    O.k., so just use Anydvd ripper as per usual on these Arccos discs with Shrink.

    Anyway, Anydvd works fine with this title and Shrink--and it was the method the OP used that didn't work.

    Thanks for the info. This sticky has been updated:
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  10. oldjoe

    oldjoe Well-Known Member

    Is your reply intended to be helpful in any way?
  11. bilbo65

    bilbo65 Well-Known Member

    Yes. Helping people save money is always helpful....:)
  12. poolshark2014

    poolshark2014 Well-Known Member

    I had no problems at all with this movie using the latest AnyDvd beta and shrink.
  13. Webslinger

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  14. boobear1998

    boobear1998 Well-Known Member

    I used anyDVD and it backed up fine
  15. rrose1968

    rrose1968 Well-Known Member

    No problems here with AnyDVD and CloneDVD. I didn't watch it all but since I finally figured how to encrypt my backups, I've been skimming through all of them and it seemed to work normal.
  16. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    People are saying they used AnyDVD and it worked fine. How did you do it? Be specific. Just saying it worked doesn't help other people. What software did you use [including the version number]. In what order did you do things, etc?

    The AnyDVD ripper included in AnyDVD beta ripped Delta Farce fine but around 51% it slowed to a crawl until 79% when the rip sped up like a bandit again. When ripping with CloneDVD2 the rip slowed down in the 50% range and sped up again around 80%. I believe this has to do with the Arccos protection and the removal of it.

    Just to double-check I scanned the disc with Nero CD-DVD Speed The disc is 100% good. DVD Shrink would not read this disc directly from the DVD drive with AnyDVD beta running.
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  17. rrose1968

    rrose1968 Well-Known Member

    I put the disk in like normal, let it read and everything with the latest versions of AnyDVD & CloneDVD. No secret it was just like any other one.
  18. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    Of course, rrose1968. :) You are one of the people did say what software you used, etc.

    One person said they used AnYDVD and it worked. Oh? What other software was used? Was it CloneDVD2? DVD Shrink? No one knows. :)

    Did DVD Shrink work fine with AnyDVD reading directly from the disc yet now AnyDVD beta doesn't? Personally, I don't know but maybe that person who mentioned v6.1.7.0 might know.

    The real issue in question, currently, is about DVD Shrink. CloneDVD2 and Nero Recode don't have a problem with AnyDVD when accessing the movie directly from the disc. I'd be willing to bet most other software won't either.

    Sorry, not trying to lecture. :D
  19. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    That could also be explained by a slightly warped disc or a slightly bad area on the disc. While nero cd-dvd speed may not report read errors on your disc, your copy of the disc may be slightly defective in some manner (so the drive needs to slow down to read those areas). For example, I have a disc that is scratched. Although Nero cd-dvd speed doesn't report read errors, my optical drive does slow down when it's reading the scratched area of the disc. The disc is readable, but the drive does have to slow down to read it.

    I suspect, due to Arccoss, people will need to use Anydvd ripper with Shrink on this title.

    The bottom line is that Anydvd works with this disc and Shrink. What is confusing is whether the people that reported success with Anydvd were also using Shrink--and also needed to use Anydvd ripper with Shrink.

    Thank you for your help.
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  20. kcamper784

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    i iwll try it in a little bit and see if i can get it to copy. thanks very much for all of your help with the software updates guys. slysoft rules as usual