Dell 3007 LCD monitor and Any DVD-HD

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  1. lewis71980

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    I read that you cannot do full screen HD-DVD playback with HDCP on a Dell 3007 screen @ 2560x1600 over dual link dvi.

    If AnyDVD-HD removes the HDCP requirement, will it display video form HD-DVD / bluray full screen @ 2560x1600?
  2. zero269

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    My guess would be that if the HDCP is the only thing preventing you from viewing your DVD at your desired screen resolution, then by having it disabled or removed with AnyDVD HD, then it should work.

    It's worth a shot.
  3. lewis71980

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    My question is, HDCP the only thing that will stop me viewing at that resolution?

    or will PowerDVD keel over and die.

    I have a E6600 and a ATi 2400 pro

    I haven't got a Dell 3007WFP HC to hand or a HD DVD player.

    I just wanted to know if I buy such a screen and it only supports HDCP over single link I don't want to be stuck with a white elephant, ableit a nice one.
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  4. bachuka

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    I have the same monitor and everything works AnyDVD HD
  5. lewis71980

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  6. mb2696

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    second that. i'm also using a 3007wfp with powerdvd + anydvd works perfectly.
  7. DATAstrm

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    For those of you that have it working, does PowerDVD open up filling about 70% of your screen? I've heard some people with a 3007 where the window opens up filling only 1/8 of the screen (540 lines). Since PowerDVD does not tell you the source resolution, my impression is the size of the window when it initially opens tells you the source resolution.

    Also, in your post can you please include:
    1. 3007 original or HC?
    2. Video Card.
    3. PDVD and AnyDVD version numbers?

    Thanks! I'm one of the ones having trouble verifying that my 3007 (original) wiht 8800gtx (evga) is working. The video opens at the smaller resolution but still looks great upscaled full screen.
  8. Stormlord

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    same here, Dell 3007 monitor - works fine with anydvd hd enabled and I too have an evga 8800gtx card. I work at 2560x1600, ofcourse the advisor will say it won't work. But it does, as long as AnyDVD HD is running, it doesn't when it isn't (for blu ray or HD DVD) - proof that it works ;) Never had any problems with DVDs though...
  9. DATAstrm

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    Sorry to ask for a clarification again: When you say it "works" does that mean the blu ray disc will play? My blu ray discs play as well. What I mean is, when you open PowerDVD, does the initial size of the window correspond with 1080 (2/3 height of the 30 incher) or does it open in a small window?

    My main concern is that I'm able to play blu ray discs but I cannot confirm whehter or not I'm viewing and HD source or a downscaled SD source.
  10. Stormlord

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    I can resize the window & do full screen scaling using PowerDVD (at 2560x1600 - the panel's native resolution). If yours doesn't, i'd rather think it to be a software issue either with your playback software or
    videocard driver and not an AnyDVD HD issue.

    Btw, 720p = DVD resolution here in Europe (720x576), I can definately see a clear difference between DVDs and blu ray media.

    I'm connected digitally, if I do not use anyDVD HD it will simply refuse to play back on my Dell 3007 since I'm not using analog and the panel resolution cannot be handled by HDCP protection (it supports only single link DVI).

    I can also playback on my second screen (a HD Ready plasma, the tv reports 1080i - which would be accurate for the screen)

    Kind Regards,


    PS.: please note the difference in aspect ratio
    2560x1600 = 16:10
    1920x1080 = 16:9

    Also: it's not because you have a Blu Ray or HD DVD disc, that all footage on the disc is HD resolution - quite often Extra's - like interviews and making of documentaries (and also the menu's) are lower resolution.
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  11. DATAstrm

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    David, thanks for your replys. They are quite helpful. I'm actually in the same situation as you. I'm able to play blu rays and able to resize etc etc on my screen. My main problem is that I'm not sure if I'm actually getting full HD resolution. How do you know? Other than comparing images. PowerDVD does not tell you. I'm worried that somehow the player is downscaling it to 5xxp, and then we are using our computers to re-upscale it, which isn't the same thing as playing a true 1080 source.

    The reason I am worried is because of the initial size of powerdvd when i open it. It doesn't open the blu-ray up intialy at 1080 because it fills a very small portion of my 30 inch screen.

    I will try to upgrade my powerdvd to see if that helps I suppose. Hopefully the initial size of the window when I play a DVD will get bigger =P

    btw isn't 720x576 576p? Just like 1900x1080 is 1080 p? I may be wrong/confused.
  12. Stormlord

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    you are correct about 576p vs. 720p - my mistake.

    By default, PowerDVD will keep aspect ratio - you can set it to stretch to full window size - but that means the aspect ratio won't be correct anymore (as the screen is 16:10) if you make your window full screen.

    Regarding the quality of playback, I have no doubt that it is Full HD. Low res stretched video definately looks worse. I think that the player just opens to a fixed application window size when playing Blu Ray of HD DVD (as opposed to DVD), if you leave the player open & try to playback the same movie it will open on whatever size you left it when you last opened it, aslong as you do not close the player. I.o.w. de video will be scaled up and down depending on how you resize the window. You can configure it to make it open up full screen btw., but in that case the video will be stretched to aspect of the 2560x1600 resolution ( you can ofcourse put the screen on 1920x1080(p), but it's not the screen's native resolution and it shows ). I do not know where they set the default initial window size, probably in some config file or the registry. I suppose you can ask Cyberlink (assuming you own a ligitimate license) if you want to change it.

    The quality on some discs I have is really great and full HD definately reveals small details like wrinkles etc.. though I must say the blacks are deeper on my plasma compared to the Dell LCD. Some dark footage is however really dark (as in sometimes a bit too) on the plasma and much brighter, revealing much more detail on the Dell simply because it is brightened up..

    Kind Regards,