[DELETE ME] ISOs do not match. Why?

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  1. markfilipak

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    I ripped a BD twice. The resulting ISOs do not match. Why?

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    PS: The ISOs are the same size, but MD5 checksums made from them do not match (which, of course, means that the ISOs have differing content).

    PPS: I could not directly compare the two 47GB files because even Total Commander has its limits. Besides that, even if I saw the differences, I wouldn't be able to interpret what the differences meant.
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  2. markfilipak

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    If you are reading this tread, hold on. I'm doing more investigating...

    I had a brain wave: I mounted both ISOs and am comparing them file-by-file. I'll post the results.
  3. markfilipak

    markfilipak Well-Known Member

    One byte was different, and why it was different was logical. One was made by AnyDVD HD ver and the other was made by AnyDVD HD ver The version # is recorded in '/disc.inf'.

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    In this case I can answer the question. You're on right trail with the disc.inf (text-file).
    As you said, you ripped both ISOs with different AnyDVD versions. AnyDVD also stores a small text-entry in the disc.inf, which AnyDVD version was used for ripping.
    So the first ISO made by AnyDVD holds in disc.inf (text file) "" (as text), the other reripped ISO with AnyDVD differs with "" (as text) in the disc.inf-file.
    That's the only variation afaik.
    (So don't need to bother) ;)
    Sry I was too fast, you found out it yourself :)
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  6. markfilipak

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    I concur. And I can confirm that the difference between disc.inf in the 1st ISO v. the disc.inf in the 2nd ISO is the ONLY difference between the ISOs. How do I know that? I mounted the 2 ISOs and performed a bulk compare between the files in them.

    When I first posted, I hadn't thought to simply mount the ISOs and compare them. Oops! (The silliness of my post is the reason why I proposed that the entire thread be deleted.)
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