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  1. Hi, I have a number of games that appear to require a delay between clicking the profile in GameJackal and the game being started. If I uncheck the "Auto Start this game" and just run the game manually I do not get the insert correct CD message, is there a way to insert a 10 second delay before the Game Auto Starts?

  2. matthew

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    There is no way to force a delay. What game are you having trouble with?
  3. Hi,sorry for the delay I am having problem with AnyDVD as well, but in answer to your query Medieval Total War and Age of Mythology Gold are two of the games giving me trouble.

  4. matthew

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    This feature will be available in v3.0.2.0

    You need to edit the GJ registry located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SlySoft\GameJackal and add a dword called "Launch Delay" with the milliseconds you wish to wait.
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    wow now thats what you call customer service!
  6. Thanks for the solution, I will give it a try.