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  1. wtxcowgirl

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    Has anyone had problems coping DeJavu with Denzel Washington?

    My recording starts with music (a couple of different songs) playing with the scenes and no voice sound with the mouth movements of the actors?

    Does everyone else have this problem also? Help??????

  2. Webslinger

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    Anydvd doesn't affect audio, at all.

    Either the proper audio exists on your backup (in which case you haven't chosen it properly), or it doesn't (in which case you need to make the proper audio selection in whatever dvd backup program you're using). Or you chose the wrong material (titleset) to backup.
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  3. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    I have the Region 1 Widescreen release so I am familiar with this disc and there is no audio issue with AnyDVD.

    Make sure you aren't just ripping Title 2 and not Title 1 (movie). Title 2 is bonus material with commentary by the director. Title 1 (movie) is required for correct playback.
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  4. Clams

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    I think that title was possibly one like "The Simpsons" where the studio adds a non-exsistant "extended version" to the DVD - however all the extended material is garbage like that. The only solution for those is to make sure you select the main movie whos runtime is the same as listed on the back cover. The "extended" versions are just there to foil the "rent, rip, return" types to force them to re-rent it to do it right.

  5. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    With DejaVu the bonus material was interwoven with the movie. When you play the special bonus view you get the director talking and as you watch the movie it jumps out to show how they did special effects and such and then jumps back to continuing to show the movie until the next bonus stuff happens. The end result is Title 2 (bonus) is longer than the actual movie title (Title 1). So, by default, Title 2 is incorrectly assumed to be the movie title by most software. Many people had issues with this disc when it was released due to picking the wrong title when they made backups.
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  6. Clams

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    YES... that's what it was.... it new it was something to do with "extended version" being "bad". Ever since The Simpsons released, I've been religious about checing run-times vs the title sets.

  7. wtxcowgirl

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    I need help on the Dejavu movie backup.

    I made three now. They seem not to want to work. It starts playing music, two different songs, and the voices do not match the video movement of the actor.

    It will play a chapter, and then start showing the director's comments over and over in differnt chapters.


    Is there something special about this dvd???? :mad::(
  8. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    Read what has already been written.
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  9. wtxcowgirl

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    Thank you.

  10. wtxcowgirl

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    Thank you. Will try again/
  11. Zeta

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    Hmm, font thickness cocks head whilst masters head shakes and muttering is uttered.......its like.......let me see.....DejaVu lol?:D
  12. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    Hopefully the OP got the situation resolved. I believe my initial thoughts did turn out to be the actual problem. The symptoms sure look it to me.