Decryption Problems with AnyDVD etc.

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    I used AnyDVD on King Arthur Legend 3D and it seemed to work fine according to the log but when I attempted to play the disk PowerDVD 14 crapped out. It threw up a message ( CyberLink PowerDVD could not read a file on this dosk. Playback will stop.) I noticed a problem with another file on Ghost Shell 3D a while back that threw up an error about one small file that it could not access when copying also. I did go back and install AnyDVD and the disk now plays.

    PS: This happens on TWO different PC's that have TWO different blue ray drives so I don't think it is in my system. It also happens with BOTH the 3D and the 2D disks. What ever has changed from AnyDVD to AnyDVD is not decrypting ALL the files for some reason.

    PSS: OK Ch3vr0n, here's the logs, lol.
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    Seems like everything is now working as it should. Perfect decryption and playback of originals and copy's using AnyDVD (HD) beta. Looks like James and his "Gang" have finally nailed this pesky problem. Lets have a round of applause and drinks for a job well done!