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DailyTech - Quad-layer DVD Technology Becomes the Third HD Format


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Jan 28, 2007
According to this article by by DailyTech a new HD format for optical storage has been developed and are ready for launch on an unsuspecting public.

This format – VMD – reads the data with a red laser through four layers, counting 5GB each total 20 GB total storage space. HD VMD can supports restrictions like region coding and AES encryption.

They have bold claims:
“The first products will be available in the world’s markets, including the U.S., very shortly,” added Jayanarayan. “With [our] HD media format quietly adopted by content providers and distributors in 12 regions of the world … HD VMD Media Format and products will become a universal media format and standard worldwide.”

What is your take on this. Are you ready to set up your HTPC with three optical drives now in your rig?
Will this be cheaper than HD-DVD and Blu-Ray?

  • As with any new optical format, new players are required. In a three-year deal with NME, PC Rush will be distributing and marketing in the U.S. channel the HD VMD Media Player Duo and HD VMD Media Player Quattro. The players, designed for VMD, will also upconvert existing standard-definition DVD collections to HD resolutions. The HD VMD Media Player Duo, starting at $199 (MSRP) and the HD VMD Media Player Quattro, starting at just $249 (MSRP), will both be available from PC Rush in Q2 2007.

Cheaper? That is for you to deside. :)
What is the cost of a HD-DVD and Blu-Ray player this days anyway?

customshopkv1 said:
What Movie Companies do they have support from?

I can't find any in the article - only this:
  • NME has signed content and distribution deals in 12 regions worldwide.