Daemon Tools & Network Mounting = Stutter ?

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    Ok, I wanted to try the new version of PDVD and so far I have been restistant staying on my PDVD3104 version and used file playback. A happy camper.

    As everybody was talking about the better video and audio qualty of PDvd8, I tried it and used imgburn to create some images and daemon tools to mount them. ONly specialty: I have everything on a central Windows Home server.

    I had no perfroamnce issues when playing back directly files from the server. But now, I can mount the image from the server, but get heavy stutter and sometimes a complete break-down. Playing back the image from a local drive works without issues. So, has anyone solved that issue ?

    We simply need this Slysoft player...

    BY the way: I tried as well Nero Drive and Slysoft VirtualCloneDrive...same result. And again: PLaying back directly the files from the network server works (it is a gigabit network).
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    Studder Issues With Networked Drives

    I have a computer hard wired to the network that I use to test when I upgrade a piece of software such as the player, AnyDVD, Daemon, etc. I don't get any studder on this connection (GigE connection).

    I guess somethings you might want to make sure is that:
    1) All the player software (Daemon, PowerDVD, etc) is on the client pc. The server is 100% for serving up files so no other software on it.

    2) Make sure the server is set to use its resources primarily for background services instead of programs. This setting i'm told is good for computers that are file servers. You can do this in advanced settings in Win XP/Vista. I don't know about WHS.

    3) Use a gigabyte connection for as much of the transmission path as possible. This will ensure that high definition material gets the data it needs for high bit rate. Wireless of course cant transmit at gigabyte speeds but feeding it information at its max connection rate is better than feeding it a signal at 100Mbs.

    4) The server does not have to be speedy, but if you can manage a decent stable overclock on the client pc, i would go for it. There's alot of processes that need to happen on the client with high definition material. While hardware acceleration does help out if working properly, i've found that if you can get at least a stable 2.5 to 2.8 Ghz, then you will have smoother playback. This assumes you are using a hardware accelerated GPU.
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    THX, but all of that I am doing already...and as I said, it works flawless if I don't use images...
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    I am with PrincipalityFusion the same page and I do stream the ISO DVD wire/wireless and wire only for BD ISO and I do not have any problem.

    I don't see you will use more resources with ISO format than files/folders way to play BD, but just a thought... have you tried to reset all your routers and switches and see that would help?