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D-L Cd



I Got some soft wear in that i would like to make a back up for and i used 5 cds trying to get it and every time it come up the cd was to small :doh: ooome i thought someing was wrong with Clonecd but i am learning lol i went to the D-Drive and seen it was 875 MB. So to get it copyed is all i need to do is get me a D-L CD?Thanks
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There are no Double Layer CDs!!!

Why not take a DVD???
a dvd is a Compact Dpeople now assume when the term 'cd' is used they associate it with audio/music.

Hi every one i am new to this i though you could get a D-L Cd-R but looks like i am wrong thanks for the help.

And i for sure didnt know i can use a DVD to put it on. Is this right that i can use cloneCD to copy it from my Cd-R and put it on a dvd. When i tryed to back up a Cd it said it was to small and to use a dvd i think but i didnt know i can do that.
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To Mike & Chief Thanks, I went to CloneCD and it did its Job then put in the DVD that i didnt know i could do for a CD and it all worked Great. Thanks for letting me know.

I fill dumb but i have to learn . Got my back up!! :clap: Thanks 5 Stones
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