Déjà Vu: Wrong track is copied in "Partial Copy" mode

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Tibius, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Tibius

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    I see there have been already some efforts made in the past to better support this disk, but as per today (9th June 2016) with CloneBD it is still not possible to make a backup of Blue Ray disk "Déjà Vu - Wettlauf gegen die Zeit" (EAN 8717418120016, aka "DEJA VU DEU") in copy mode "Create a disc, folder, or ISO" / "Partial Copy".

    To reproduce, select the main track ("Title 95", 02:06:26, "Main feature #2"), including all audio languages (en, fr, de, it) and all subtitle languages (en, fr, de, it). The static preview in the horizontal film strip is already incorrect, starting somewhere in the middle of the movie. But if I press the play button, it starts correctly playing from the beginning, but if I then press continue and record it like that without video nor audio compression, only half of the movie is recorded (it starts incorrectly with "clip #40" instead of "Title 95"). I use settings "[X] directly play main title" and default languages "audio: German", "subtitles: none".

    Not sure if that has any significance but Clip #40 is not even shown on the selection page, after "Title 39" directly follows "Title 41"...

    Strangely I am able to copy the BD using mode "Convert for a device or into a file", using an "MP4 Container", leaving everything else at their default values. The static preview in the horizontal film strip on the selection page is also incorrect, but then the whole movie is copied and it also says 'Processing title 95 "Main feature #2" (0%)' which is the title I selected.

    Could you please look for the error where the clip gets confused on/after the selection page in copy mode "Create a disc, folder, or ISO" / "Partial Copy"?

    Thank you very much. If you need any logs or the like - no problem, just tell me what you need.

  2. Reto

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    I have that very disc here.

    The static preview looks perfectly fine to me here, are you using the original disc as source or some copy (that may have been preprocessed)?
    Can you post a screenshot (possibly while hovering over the titlestrip with your mouse, as then the clips are shown)?

    That is not incorrect at all. The clips are all processed individually when copying BD to BD. The order of the clips is given by the playlist/title later on. CloneBD always processes the longest clip first, to improve the accuracy of the duration prediction.
    clip #40 is the longest in that title.
    When you're creating a single file, like MKV, the clips are processed in order of appearance in the title - obviously, as there will be no playlist anymore to tell the player in which order they are to be played.

    Don't confuse clips and titles.
    A title (actually "playlist") is a sequence of clips.
    Here playlist 95 contains the sequence of the clips 48, 49, 35, 37, 78, 32, 88, 36, 38, 40 and 41 in that order.
  3. Reto

    Reto Elaborate Bytes AG

    I just finished a copy following your description (partial, no compression, etc...).
    Played back with PowerDVD just fine, the whole movie with all clips in all the right order.
    No problem to be seen.
  4. Tibius

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    Mea culpa! Reto, you're absolutely right, everything is fine if one is not prejudiced. Oh no, so much of your and my time wasted for nothing!

    I stopped recording when I noticed it started at the wrong position, because I had troubles in the past with this disk and concluded it is still not solved. But if one is patient enough to let CloneBD finish its work, everything is fine.

    And because I was already sure it went wrong I've also seen the error in the preview: The first two pics of the preview look like sequences from the second half of the movie, but they are not! Everything is fine, except that my ego is destroyed now and I feel so stupid and useless...

    I've got two requests for you though, Reto:
    - Would it be possible to include a label or tooltip in the UI with the message "The record order may differ from the replay order" or something like that? I've got the feeling others may feel confused as well when CloneBD starts recording somewhere in the middle of the title.
    - Please, please forgive me for having wasted your time. I'm really sorry.

    Thank you for everything.
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  5. Reto

    Reto Elaborate Bytes AG

    Don't worry, that was all in all 10 minutes of my time, the important thing, is that all is ok.

    That crossed my mind after reading your initial post, I suppose, we'll add something.
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