Cutting Out Chapters In The Middle of a Film

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by harvp46, May 28, 2007.

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    Cutting Chapters

    I can't figure out how to use the chapter-cutting function to cut out individual chapters at different locations in the film DVD.

    No matter what I try, the orange bar simply moves to the chapter I'm trying to cut, and cuts out every chapter that it passes on the way. Clicking over and over on the orange bar in order to move it to the chapter I want to cut has the same result---every other chapter along the way gets cut out too.

    Using the preview slider to go directly to the chapter in question also doesn't help---you still have to click the orange cutting bar, and it doesn't simply jump to the chapter I'm trying to cut---it plows through every other chapter along the way!
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    There was a thread on this back in February which said CloneDVD can't do this---it can cut out consecutive chapters at the beginning or end of a DVD film being copied but not in the middle----if I try to cut out a chapter in the middle, the orange cutting bar also cuts out every chapter leading up to that.

    Is this still accurate for the current version of CloneDVD?
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    The scissor icon in Clonedvd is primarily used to split a film across two single layer blank dvds (4.7 gb).

    So no, you can not just remove a single chapter in a middle of a disc and retain the rest of the movie on a single disc.
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    Can you recommend any software which can handle this function (cutting out chapters you don't want to copy?)
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    You may want to look at Nero Recode (or Shrink).