Curtains for HD DVD?

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    Posted by Marc Saltzman at 12:10 PM

    Not good news for the HD DVD camp. Market research firm NPD Group has just released some U.S. sales figures for the week ending January 12, and Toshiba has reason to feel "blu."

    Blu-ray players captured 90 percent of total unit sales and 90 percent of total dollar sales of all high-definition players for the week.

    Blu-ray backers Sony, Panasonic and Sharp captured 34 percent, 27 percent and 23 percent of unit sales, respectively, while Toshiba only garnered 7 percent of unit sales with its HD DVD players.

    A bad week for HD DVD in the wake of the Warner Bros. announcement? Or is this curtains for the HD DVD disc format?

    Basically I want your opinion on this matter, personally I think HDDVD has very little hope, if at all.

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    I don't always agree with BetaNews' stories but this story may give some more infomation on this matter: NPD: Free Blu-ray player deals led to boosted sales this month.

    Below are two snippets that explain a little about what happened:


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