Curtain blocking me from video in games

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  1. Hi,

    For many of you, probably old hat, but I am a newbie, so please be patient with me.

    Tonight, I thought I could buy AnyDVD and Game Jackal pro and install a half dozen games for my younger brother to play.. thought wrong..

    Use one of the programs mentioned, and list your Lowerfilters and Upperfilters in your next post.

    I am a XP, SP1 user
    in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current ControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
    Upper Filter is Maplom
    Lower Filter is AnyDVD Maplom
    No install and silent install have 1's next to them

    1. I am running the latest, 3.01.0
    2. OS is Windows XP Pro SP1
    3. No virtual drives and AnyDVD has been disabled.
    4. No packet writing software
    5. What protection does your game use? Possible CD/DVD check per Protection ID
    6. What is the name of the game you're trying to run? My first two installs were Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Sid Meiers Pirates Live the Life
    7. What is the version of the game? ?
    8. Is it cd or dvd version? CD
    9. What region or country is the original disc from? U.S.
    10. What cpu are you running? Opteron 180
    11. What optical drives (dvd-rom,cd-rom, burners) are you using to create profiles with? I haven't yet.. but using LG DVD burner drive What firmware version is installed on your reader? Adobe Flash 7.09
    12. What security software (firewall, antivirus) are you using? Winpatrol 12.2.2007, avira Peronal edition classic, spybot 1.52
    13. Describe your problem, provide full error messages, I cannot see intro videos without first stopping program from running with control alt delete. I see a curtain that is lite blue with small bars of two different sizes.. I hear audio ok, but cannot see video. In pirates it ran for about a minute before curtain came up and could no longer view.

    14. a) I haven't been able to load game yet so, n/aNavigate to your Game Jackal folder (typically D:\Program Files\SlySoft\Game Jackal, "C:" is a different hard drive with Windows XP)

    How do I get rid of the curtain?

  2. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Does this curtain appear if you don't use Game Jackal? If so, the problem is completely unrelated to Game Jackal.
  3. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    I think it is safe and time to update to SP2 as well.
  4. Curtain still there

    I think I would prefer to do clean install. I made a few mistakes that might have led to issues. I never have seen what looks like a curtain before, do you think installing sp2 would help? A couple programs I installed automatically installed windows drm.. so I will avoid those programs next install. Also made the mistake of installing media player 10. I call it a curtain.. it shows up as lite blue screen with many groups of two small lines.. how does being safe yet not able to see a thing help me?

    If I was to do clean install, do I need anything other than activation keys before I clean my hard drive?

  5. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    I honestly have no idea what you're talking about, but it sounds to me that you're experiencing some sort of display corruption issue. Check to ensure the cable going from your video card to your display is working properly (try a different cable), ensure that you're using the latest display drivers for your video card, and ensure that you're using a proper display resolution. If you're getting weird glitches while watching video, you may lack some sort of video codec.
  6. replies a little dissapointing

    Think Broadcast flag. This thing looks like a flag or curtain and has a very set pattern in regards to how it appears.

    It only appears in some games. I can get others to run without it at all. It appears on Microsoft games and Flight Simulator 2004 is where I can count on video starting out covered by this flag. If I hit control alt delete and click to restart flag goes away, but then returns after a couple minutes. In FS 2004 it shows itself at start of all teaching videos, but does not manifest itself in the actual game for about two minutes. It is lite blue with hundreds of a repeat pattern of two distinct small lines next to each other and with one line a little thicker than the other.. think - versus _ but the second line about twice as thick, exact same combo of these lines occur all over the curtain or flag blocking me from seeing the video.

    Could this be DRM related? Does anyone have experience with video being blocked by DRM or HDCP or AACS, etc.??

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  7. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    No. What you're describing sounds like either a driver issue or a dying video card. Open the case and check for dust in the fan.

    Game Jackal isn't going to affect video display in that manner.
  8. Webslinger, you were right it was driver

    I did a clean install and used same driver and got exact same problem without anydvd or gamejackal loaded.

    I read your post on the driver after formating the hard drives.

    I wish I had checked earlier. Anyways.. it was the Nvidia 169.21 driver that caused issue combined with who knows whatever else.. but I removed and tested with just XP default and worked fine.. and then I installed exact same older driver from computer same game worked fine on and it works well now.

    Still puzzled by set pattern curtain/flag block to how it looked and how you knew it was driver issue. No corruption and other games worked just fine, so I was initially taken back by what I thought were callous responses, but.. thanks for the help.

  9. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    I'm not really sure if what you're describing is similar to this: (in which case, it's a bug in the game that needs to be patched . . . some video card were just running out of memory space and couldn't display images properly as a result)

    But when you get crazy colours all over the place it's some sort of problem involving the video card: the game contains buggy coding (which, in turn, causes issues with the video card while running the game), the drivers you're using are causing problems, or it's some sort of hardware issue involving the video card (typically overheating of some sort, but the problem could also be a bad cable, etc.). In this case you seem to have had a driver issue.

    And it's very easy to tell whether Game Jackal is causing the problem: if you still have the same problem when you're not using Game Jackal, then Game Jackal's not at fault (the same type of thinking applies to Anydvd. People say their drive can't see a movie dvd, for example. Well if they exit Anydvd and the problem persists, then the problem isn't Anydvd. The problem lies elsewhere).

    Regardless, I'm glad your problem is now resolved.
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  10. Thanks

    In regards to image I saw..

    think.. set pattern like / // / // / // / // repeating accross screen with lite blue back ground and you got it.. only it was thick line above thin line. Just hope to never see again and yes I was very glad it had nothing to do with anydvd or gamejackal.