Current Supported UHD Blurays: Add Yours to Comments and they will be added to this list

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    Current Supported UHD Blurays: Add Yours with the Film Title, AACS Version (2.0, 2.1), Country Released and if its Supported By Redfox,Deuhd or MakeMKV add to Comments Below and they will be added to this list Please Be Patient this will take sometime to set up as there are alot
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    better move this thread to 3rd party products or the stupor moderator with be down your throat
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    Since it concerns anydvd too (mentioned by the name redfox) is fine for now right where it is. This may change at any time. However this 'stupid moderator' will be down YOUR throat. I'm only going to say this once.

    Watch the language, reread the forum rules. If you continue down the road your currently on with that kind of language, your remaining time on the forum will be short.

    Forum access is a privilege, not a right.

    @rocker69 to be honest it's pretty pointless and way to much work to maintain such a list. Movies come in multiple different versions per region (standard deluxe, steelbook,...) and title. Which means to be up to date, a single movie could be needed to be listed a dozen times, and there would still be a chance it doesn't cover all versions. Of would also be hard to find if a specific version would be on it. You the math of you will have the time for it, personally I'd just let the online protection database handle it. That's what it's for

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    I will try not to go off on a tangent here, but I would like to say that I really do appreciate and value the time and effort our moderators spend on this forum.

    Maintaining such a list of "BDs that will work" would be rather difficult, for all the reasons mentioned before, and the mere fact that not everybody will meticulously list things that will work, which would render the list incomplete, which would then lead to false negatives (users assuming a title won't work because it is not listed).

    If you are willing to start and maintain such a list, a better and more viable idea might be to list titles that will not work in a single thread (rather than multiple threads with the same title as we experience frequently). This would have to be maintained, meaning: the user who lists a specific title ought to remove it from the list once the issue has been resolved, as they are the ones who will know first if it works.

    Such a list is bound to be much shorter than one with all the titles that will work as well, simply because AnyDVD HD really is that awesome.
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    That sounds like a great idea!

    But I think it would be a very short list and would probably only have AACS 2.1 titles on it.

    At least, for my collection of, now over 90 UHDs, this is the case -- just Fury and that's it.

    Hi Chevron. Is this true for UHD discs?

    I haven't run across any variations yet on these discs - but then my experience right now is limited to what's on Amazon.

    Are there steelbook and deluxe UHDs?

  6. Pete

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    It is, though less extreme.
    As you have noticed, UHDs usually come with no extra content plus there is no region code and they have a lot of space for extra audio tracks. So no real requirement for regional treatment.
    But some still are localized.
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    Jill, I have to agree. AnDVD HD is that awesome, thanks everyone for the awesome work....
  8. testiles

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    Ah, ok.


    Good to know.


    BTW, I have noticed a few UHDs recently are carrying full extras.

    The most recent example is Pacific Rim Uprising. It has a ton of extra features.

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    I agree Ch3vron, pointless to do this , Redfox/ ANYDVDHD Rules. Thanks for everything. Including this Forum!
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    I think it would be better to do a list of UHD titles that currently do *not* work with AnyDVD, than the opposite.
  11. MovieFan

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    What program are you using to rip this title? I just picked up the Best Buy only special edition and AnyDVD-HD doesn't even recognize I inserted a disk when I put this title in my confirmed "friendly" drive. Doesn't even scan it.

    However, if I put it in my non-friendly drive it sees and mounts the disk. I just can't rip it because of course it can't decrypt properly.
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  12. testiles

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    Hi karaokeamerica.

    If AnyDVD doesn't know you inserted a disc, that's usually a drive problem.

    My Pacific Rim Uprising UHD is from Amazon and the LG BE16NU50 drive I use had no problem reading the disc.

    So I was able to use AnyDVD to make a backup iso.

  13. MovieFan

    MovieFan Well-Known Member

    Not sure. It is a drive I have ripped UHD on at least once before. It's the LG BD-REWH14NS40 v1.01.

    Oddly, I only own a few UHD disks now. I tried two different ones and neither now mounts in AnyDVD. However, I can pop in a regular Blu-Ray or a DVD and it works fine. What could cause that?
  14. MovieFan

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    I think that I had the disk in the wrong drive......

    My drive is this one: BD-REWH16NS40 v1.02. That is my "friendly" drive. It is reading and ripping. However, When I put the output path in to the program it had a pop up that said the source was corrupt or something along those lines. It disappeared before I could get a screen shot.

    Since it will probably take until morning to complete this rip I'll have to come back with the result. I have attached the AnyDVD log file just in case.

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  15. testiles

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    Well at least you got past the issue of your computer not seeing the UHD disc.

    That "corrupt" message probably means dirty or bad disc.

    UHD discs are VERY sensitive. Doesn't take much for them to become unreadable in a computer.

    Which is another reason I back mine up right away --- with a copy on 2 different HD's, one copy protected the other non-protected.

    Yes, I'm burning through HDs like crazy but I prefer watching these on the computer and I'm trying to ensure I have a working computer copy.

    So, hope your rip completes successfully.

    You might need to skip through the chapters to see if any are unplayable, since you got the "corrupt" message...

  16. MovieFan

    MovieFan Well-Known Member

    It is at 44% and still going, but I have seen at least one "corrupt sector" error.

    I hear what you're saying about UHD disks being very sensitive. This is literally brand new. I picked it up 2 days ago. opened it today and put it in my drive. Not even a finger has touched the surface of this disk. Could it be a defective one? Sure. How would I know?
  17. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Well you wouldn't.

    I've had that exact thing happen to me more than a few times.

    Seems like the more data these discs hold, the more sensitive.

    DVDs were fairly robust. Blu Rays, not as much. UHDs are ridiculously "iffy" -- especially where computer reading is concerned.

    karaokeamerica, why is your rip taking so long? I think your drive is the in-computer counterpart to the one I have.

    Should take more than an hour and a half or so, no? ....

  18. MovieFan

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    Testiles, I ripped this to ISO in AnyDVD with protection removed.

    I am able to open the ISO file in CloneBD and I do NOT get that error anymore. However, it's an exercise in futility if I can't get the file to inlcude the 7.1 audio within CloneBD.

    I started an entirely different thread about this here: but no responses yet. If you have any helpful input I'd appreciate it!
  19. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm glad your iso ripped ok.

    As far as using CloneBD to make an mkv file, you are asking the wrong guy!

    I have never been able to create a successful mkv from CloneBD, but then I've only tried with UHD discs.

    I normally use CloneBD to re-master Blu Rays with output in the folder structure.

    What I can do is try to make an mkv from Dr Strange Blu Ray and see what I get.

    See you on that thread....

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  20. testiles

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    I (hesitantly) picked up the newly-released Equalizer UHD this weekend.

    Hesitant because it's a Sony release from this month.

    Happy to say though no 2.1.

    Maybe they haven't done a full rollout of 2.1 yet. Thankfully!