creative labs ` zen vision m ??

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by blackswan, Feb 2, 2007.

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    anyone know how to convert a dvd to this file type .. and can you try to explain to the not so computer literate :confused:
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    First thing to make it easier to find, right click on your desktop and make a new folder and name it whatever you want "Zen Vision M" if you like. Insert your DVD into your DVD drive. Double click on your DVDmobile icon. Then click on the + of Creative Labs. Then highlight 'ZEN Vision'. Click next at bottom. On the next screen the big file (Title) containing the movie is already highlighted (usually the movie is title 1 - they are all numbered). Make sure it is the only one highlighted. Then click next at the bottom. On the next screen make sure your language of choice is ticked under audio streams, and below that choose disabled for subtitles unless you want them on your movie (no option to remove once you do this). Click next. On the next screen on the left side you may be presented with options to resize your movie if you are using a wide-screen movie. If not go to right side and under the 'enter filename to write' it should start like this....
    C:/Program Files/SlySoft/CloneDVDmobile/ if anything is beyond this highlight it and remove. Then after the last / type: name of folder you created on your desktop ie: Zen Vision M and end with / and right after that slash (no space before or after slashes) type in name of movie how you want to see it. ie Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets then tab off and at the bottom right click GO! and then sit back and wait. When you finish your file will be in the folder you created on your desktop. Enjoy!