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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MovieMatt, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. MovieMatt

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    I just purchased the new Helios Labs X5000. I love this machine but it is not able play ISO, IFO files. Only the basic VOB. And it only plays these one at a time, thus it won't start the second vob file in a move sequence when the first one finishes

    How can I rip a movie into one big VOB file instead of the multiple 1 gig vob files?

  2. Zeratul

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    you can do it with clone dvd mobile. just select the VOB file profile. it will make the main movie, or whatever you have selected, a single vob file
  3. MovieMatt

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    Mobile VOB Creation

    I've never used the Mobile software, so this may be a dumb question. Does the Mobile DVD package compress and change the vob file in any way? I.e. does it stip the 5.1, record in a lover resolution, etc.?

    I would think that it would so that it can take the larger movie files and place them on a small portable device.

    - Matt
  4. Zeratul

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    you point cdvdm to the videots directory on the dvd or rip. then it automatically selects the longest movie (usually the right one) although it lets you correct it if it is wrong.
    then it goes to a screen where you pic which audio and subs to keep. then you pick the resolution from a dropdown menu and quality from a slider. you can also pick the filename and destination here. then you are ready to go and it encodes it with the selected options.