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    • Question: How do I create an ISO image for a CD using CloneCD?
    • Answer: You can't. Using CloneCD you can only create images of CDs with the extension .CCD. These are CloneCD Image Control Files. There are other programs that can handle .CCD files but their origin is with CloneCD. These images can handled and also mounted with Virtual CloneDrive, Daemon Tools, etc.
    • Question: What are these .DVD files that CloneCD creates when I try to create an image of a DVD, HD-DVD, or BD?
    • Answer: CloneCD, by default, creates .DVD files when making images of DVDs, HD-DVDs, and BDs. When these .DVD image files are created you will see that a number of them are made and this is because .DVD files can not be larger than 1 GB. The entire image is spanned across the multiple .DVD files that are created. These files can only be mounted using Virtual CloneDrive
    • Question: How do you create an ISO image of a DVD, HD-DVD, or BD?
    • Anwer: When you have a chance to set the filename for the image you are going to create using CloneCD make sure you change Save Type As to Image. By default CloneCD will create .DVD files which are broken up into separate files with each one being no larger than 1 GB. Obviously, when dealing with HD-DVDs or BDs you will end up with a lot of .DVD files! From the drop-down menu for Save Type As set it to Image and then select the name you want with the ISO extension. You'll now create one large ISO file.


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