Creating a BD Player Friendly Non-ISO Copy of My BD Movie Disc

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    My new desktop will have a six or 8 core xeon rocket lake processor, at least 16GB of ECC RAM and a late model Plextor BD burner.

    My Oppo and Pioneer BD players won’t play ISO files and I wouldn’t want to use transcoding or anything which would degrade the BD’s lossless DTS or PCM sound track.

    So would the only solution be to then burn a one to one copy of the AnyDVD HD decrypted BD disc? That is, add an external BD burner to my rig to do the burning onto a BD-RE?

    If yes, is a 25GB BD-RE usually big enough to do a one to one dupe, or would I most likely need a 50GB BD-RE? Will Clone BD help me do all of this easily?

    What kind interface to use between the desktop pc and the external drive for fastest data transfer? Is USB 3.0 about the fastest available? If not, what to use that's compatible with most internal and external BD burners?

    Can someone recommend one or more external BD burners which offer the best balance between burning speed and error prevention?

    Thus, with the above computer hardware about how long would it take to burn the dupe of most full length BD movies?
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    In my opinion your rig is just overkill for what you want to do. Less power would do it as well.

    And I want to direct you on another track. Patched firmware for your Oppo lets you play ISOs from network or USB. Do some research and then come back.

    If you want to stay with discs Pioneer burners are about the best. Especially for BD50. Burn at slowest speed. But check out the Oppo possibility. I have an Oppo clone M9702 without a disc drive. It just eats everything besides discs. Your Oppo should eat anything if flashed to the right firmware.
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    Thanks for this great and prompt feedback. I never heard of an Oppo “cloned” M9702 player.

    Who made it, are they still being made and is there more than one model?

    I couldn’t find a brand website or US or Canadian sales office. Is this a safe place to buy it, and at a fair price?

    It obviously has no onboard stereo DAC. But does it have zoom and slow motion?

    How many steps of mag does the zoom have?

    And does the remote allow you to move the desired part of the zoomed image and center on the screen?

    I still yet have no hands on with anything RedFox. So can a patched Oppo 95 zoom
    in and do slow motion on an ISO of a BD movie saved to a USB drive?

    But what “patched” Oppo firmware to get ISO support do you mean? I spent 30 minutes searching but nothing. And it certainly won’t be available from Oppo, so then from where for my Oppo 95?

    And is there prior firmware which my Oppo 95 must or must NOT have in order to utilize this patch, where ever I can get it from?

    Last but hardly least, what are the risks of this patch making a brick out of my Oppo 95? And can Oppo Support repair it if happens?

    Another thing: All Oppo BD players have zoom which improves my personal appreciation of films like "Gilda" (1946) and "Leave Her to Heaven" (1945), which were filmed in something other than what long was the standard "Academy" standard 1.33:1 aspect ratio. Consequently, this smaller image has black bars surrounding the entire image. I find viewing this so fatiguing that I much prefer sacrificing some image content by cropping it with my player's zoom control-as I can with similarly filmed BD releases from Warners ("Blood on the Moon" 1948), Twilight Time ("Whirlpool" 1949) and Kino (“Woman in the Window” 1944 and "Scarlet Street" 1945)-all BDs which authored to enable my player's zoom control. But all of my Criterion (“Gilda” 1946, “Leave Her to Heaven” 1945 and from the 60s and beyond) and Universal (“Double Indemnity” 1944) titles on BD have zoom locked out.

    This is the main reason why zoom is important to me and why I’d want to make either decrypted 1:1 BD disc copies or ISO files of select zoom disabled BD titles.

    But in addition to its use for making early non-conforming aspect ratio images look more pleasing on 16:9 (or 4:3) screens, I also like to use zoom, if only temporarily, to highlight select parts of certain scenes in many movies. That is, zooming in on parts of an image can add feelings of intimacy with the characters, locations and other aspects about the scene. So I’d also like to reclaim zoom control over those disabled BDs.

    Unfortunately, as you may know the zoom control on all Oppo BD players will not let you move the desired part of the zoomed image and center on the screen. But my Pioneer Elite LX500 BD player does, and with a noticeably better sounding DAC than my Oppo. Unfortunately, the LX500 also doesn’t support ISO files.

    Might there be any way to change this?
  4. coopervid

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    You have an Oppo BDP 95 which is just a Bluray Player and can't handle 4k / UHD. If you are still good with BD only you need to downgrade your firmware since in the beginning it also supported ISO inputs. Oppo removed it by a firmware "upgrade" under pressure from the movie industry.

    The so called clones are sold from Spain where I also got mine. They also have international options. Here are links to the store and to the forum. Install some plug-ins in your browser to translate but it's mostly bi-lingual Spanish / English. The prices in the store is just what you have to pay upfront and then the rest to the seller. So if you read 23 Euros for the M9702 there is an 284 Euro adder to that.

    Many people -mostly Germans - have bought from here.

    Yes, the remotes have zoom button but I never used it. If this is crucial to you I can test it.
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    Uh - and all these clones play 4k / UHD movies with HDR / Dolby Vision etc. From folder, from ISO etc.
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    Zoom works for 2x max.
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