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Create single VOB File

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by mgoedtel, May 18, 2007.

  1. mgoedtel

    mgoedtel New Member


    I am new to Slysoft but the software is pretty straight forward. The issue I am faced with is trying to use CloneDVD Mobile to create a single passthrough VOB of a DVD. When I select the video titles of the DVD that I want to keep and then in the output method for the VOB path/filename it won't create a single VOB. NOTE: I do not have the option "produce separate chapter files" selected.

    Yet when I tell it to go off and create the VOB, it creates one for each Title I selected from the DVD source. What am I missing here?

    This is the latest version running on Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SKU.

  2. mgoedtel

    mgoedtel New Member


    Okay I figured it out.

    When dealing with a DVD like "Simpsons" or the like, you have to create a VOB for each episode on the DVD disc. Is there a way to combine each into one single VOB?

  3. GregRocket

    GregRocket Member