Create a profile with no map or shortcut?

Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by Juventas, Nov 4, 2007.

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    The title says it all. I love Game Jackal but came across my first game that has no profile map in Game Jackal, and no shortcut in the Windows start menu or desktop.

    The game seems to expect you to start the game each time by inserting the disc, waiting for autoplay to bring up a menu, and then choosing the play option. The game in question is "The Witcher", Canadian retail box PC-DVD version.
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    Is that an automated reply? The beta changelog doesn't contain anything relevant, and the list of 15 questions seem oriented around errors or bugs. I'm just trying to create a profile and am unsure of how to proceed with this game.

    Do I just wait for a release with a Witcher profile map? I tried looking for the .exe under c:\program files\the witcher\ but could only find launcher.exe, register.exe, removepatch.exe. I tried launcher.exe but it just brings up the small menu i mentioned before.
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    No. It's not. And it's what you should do before even bothering to even clicking "submit new thread."

    If you don't know how to create a profile, you right-click the .executable with Game Jackal running in the background and select "convert to Game Jackal profile", and follow the instructions.

    Game Jackal also has a friendly and obviously placed "Creating a profile" help menu selection, which would be prudent for you to read.
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    the witcher is tag├ęs protected, unless im ill-informed, game jackal doesn't handle tages....
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    You are correct.
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    evlncrn8, thanks for saving us some time with that pertinent information.

    I've read that TAGES has been in use since 2001. Is it something Game Jackal Pro will never be able to work with? Are there other copy protection systems Game Jackal Pro doesn't work with?

    Update: I found a thread from July that mentions that TAGES and Starforce are the known systems not to work with Game Jackal Pro. It also says that TAGES is "next". Good news. I wish I could support your efforts with something more than my 29 USD.
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