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CRC errors

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Jan 28, 2007
I keep getting CRC errors when reading DVDs. I can say retry and sometimes it will work. If not, I can pop the disk and reload it and it'll work again. Sometimes I may have to do this 3 or 4 times before it'll work again.

Does this sound like a bad drive or a bad disk? It just started doing this a while ago. Someone mentioned that the drive might be out of alignment with the laser. Is this something that is fixable or should I just get another one?
Sounds like an ailing burner to me. Especially if it happens regularly.
You can get an OEM NEC burner for less than $35.00 USD's at Newegg.com.
Many like other brands, but I have found that NEC burners used in concert with Taiyo Yuden media produces a product that will work flawlessly in any player.
Hope this helps.
This could also be a bad media message. Maybe a minor scratch or a dirty laser lense. Try cleaning your drive, your disc. A CRC error is fairly common and can mean many things.

A "CRC" error is most often caused by bad media - it could be any of the following:

1. A dirty disc,
2. A scratched disc
3. A poor quality disc (cheap media if it happens during the "Burn" section of your work)
4. A bad disc from the Mfgr.

It can also be from a bad optical component in your drive. At this time I don't believe it's your drive at all.

If you recently purchased this disc new from a store, I would return it as defective if just cleaning and the proper use of AnyDVD doesn't get the job done.

Here are some other little "tricks" which may or may not help -

The "Magic cleaning" technique: Try cleaning your DVD discs. Yea, I know they're new and clean but do it anyway. Do it a few seconds before inserting it into your DVD tray, use a disc cleaner, eyeglass cleaning solution or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and a soft cotton cloth and rub-a-dub, dub. As soon as you're finished, "Pop" it into your DVD tray and fire up your program

Begin by playing your DVD with your PC’s player. Play for two or three minutes then open your AnyDVD, or your weapon of choice - as soon as you begin your rip turn off your player so it doesn’t interfere. The playing before hand is only so that your ripping program can “Find” your DVD.

"Dr. ScubaPete's, too cheap to buy the professional stuff, Recipe Book for Scratch Repair."

To help with those small "Kiddie Scratches" on your DVD's -

TO BE USED AS A FINAL RESORT to retrieve scratched DVD's.

Materials needed:
A soft cotton cloth
Toothpaste w/Borax (Arm & Hammer may be added)
(Brasso metal polish may be used as a substitute for toothpaste)
Isopropanol Alcohol
Orange Juice and Vodka

Method: "If this doesn't work it's into the "Circular File" (an Americanism meaning "The Garbage can") with you -

1. Place the disc on a firm soft surface.
2.Apply a small amount of toothpaste with a small amount of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda to a clean, soft cotton cloth and apply to your DVD. Rubbing very firmly in even strokes from the center outwards towards the edge. Repeat 10 to 15 times. Do this over the entire disc turning the disc slowly in a circular manner, always going from the inside to the outer edge.

When Finished –
3. clean it either with a commercial unit (available at "Radio Shack" OR your local electronics store) OR clean the disc thoroughly with a clean cotton cloth moistened with Isopropanol Alcohol, Contact lens cleaner OR in a bind, you may use some Windex (Windex has some additives, coloring and the like). Clean by using a firm even rubbing motion from the center outwards towards the edgeClean the disc thoroughly with a clean cotton cloth moistened with Isopropanol Alcohol, Contact lens cleaner OR in a bind use some Windex, using a firm even rubbing motion from the center outwards towards the edge.

4. Using a clean piece of cotton cloth, apply Pledge to the entire disc in the same manner as the toothpaste was applied above.

Attempt to play disc.
5. If the disc refuses to play, take 1 large 12oz. glass, add just 3 Ice cubes, too many ice cubes will "water down" the mixture rendering it unsuitable for usage, then add 70% Orange Juice and 30% Vodka. The contents are to be shaken, NOT STIRED. The glass's contents are to be liberally applied internally.

Steps 2 through 5 may be repeated as required to recover disc.

After 2 complete passes, step 5. may be repeated PRN. (PRN is medical lingo for "As needed" OR "Whenever you want.) :p)
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Ah, all this time I'd just been using spit or my other precious bodily fluids.


No, just kidding. I've been fogging it with my breath and rubbing it against my kilt as you describe (center to edge), then using a soft cloth similarly.

It's just an irritating problem. I haven't failed to make a copy yet, but I have to babysit it a lot of the time because it'll fail half-a-dozen times during one disk read. I'll say RETRY and sometimes that'll work. Sometimes not. Take the disk out, clean it, put it back in, RETRY and then it'll work. Sometimes just popping the disk before hitting RETRY is enough. I leave the cleaning routine for last.
If the error is occurring on more than one disc, your DVDRW is most likely failing.
Crc Errors: Clean Disk

:D I find in most cases, running the disk under near HOT water and a MILD detergent will remove embedded dirt and DNA from the disk making it playable. If the water your using is burning your hand, ITS TOO HOT!, Use the mild detergent from the center of the disk out, rubbing stubbron areas with a cotton ball, always work from the center out, WASH the disk for several mins. to make sure you get all the detergent out/off of the DVD. Use Iso. Alcohol as a finishing touch, to clean it. This seems to work for me. In really bad cases, I've used one of those commercial disk cleaners that you put the DVD in a case and manually spin it around a few times, this seems to help if the disk is badly scratched, because your kids have used it as a Frisbee, and played keep-away with it from the Dog(who EVENTUALLY GETS IT). ANYDVD ROCKS! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS! :bowdown: