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    I have beren trying to burn some cartoons for the kids that are already copies(using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2) and I keep getting crc errors stating that there is a problem reading the media. After reading through some posts I checked my discs and found that they are Maxwell (got them for Christmas and trying to use them up). I've read where people say that Verbatim is the best to use and was just wondering if the discs I burned to could be the problem. Some of them read fine and others either aren't recognized at all or stop in the middle with the above problems. Any thoughts?
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    CRC Errors are most commonly associated with damaged or dirty media. Maxell discs are not a good quality media, as you have discovered. Verbatim are excellent quality.
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    You can't go wrong with Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. I am leaning toward Verbatim these days, but I still use TY's all the time.
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    That may be true with original dvds,along with encryption. Now when re-ripping backups,it's a whole new ballgame. The 1st copy has to be as good as you can make it,which means reducing those little PIE/PIF errors. Re-ripping backups is a pretty good way to tell if your backups are ok if you have no access to quality disc scanning test like nero,plextools,kprobe.

    What good is a backup when 6 months down the road you need another copy of it,so you re-rip it and get hammered with CRC errors?

    1) Use quality media to begin with-it'll prevent a lot of issues.
    2) Keep the burner's firmware up to date,this controls the writing strategy to your specific media so it can be properly burned.
    3) No paper/sticker labels. Major no-no
    4) No multi-tasking during the dvd backup process
    5) Keep to a basic 4x-8x burn speed. Quality media,faster burn,crap media-slower burn.
    6) Keep the burn from reaching the outer edge.Keep the backup target below 4370 mbs with quality media,even smaller with crap media like 4300 mbs.

    Now after using that formula and you still got CRC errors while trying to re-rip your backups,you got something majorly wrong with the dvd-rw drive that burned that 1st copy. Think all dvd burners are alike? NOT!

    There's some crappy drives out there.Higher coaster rate,low compatable backups on stand alone players,and a lot more of those little PIE/PIF errors-even with using quality verbatim and taiyo yuden media..

    Maxell used to make some awesome media,which was made by Hitachi. If you look on the outer shrink wrapper for country of origin,the Made in Japan will yield the Hitachi's-which are mainly the +8x/some -4x/-8x speed.

    Here's the manufacturers of Maxell media,and notice there's up to 3 different manufacturers on the exact same speed and format of maxells:

    MAXELL Plus format:

    +8X MADE IN JAPAN: MAXELL-002-00
    +8X MADE IN TAIWAN Full Hub/White Inkjet Printable: Cmag:
    +16x MADE IN TAIWAN: CMCMag-M01

    Maxell Dash format:YELLOWTOPS



    -8X Made in Taiwan: Cmags

    Seing all those different manufacturers,some people have have good results when getting the Hitachi,Ritek,or Ty maxells,and poor results with the Cmag maxells.

    Maxell: For the best discs,which I rate as well as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim,get the Made in Japan spindles. Same goes for Fuji and Sony.:clap:
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    No. All Maxell Plus Series discs are made in Japan currently and either code as TYG02 (Taiyo Yuden made these, but pleasantly don't suffer from bonding issues found on some of Taiyo Yuden's own line of blank discs) or MXL RG03 (and are held to higher standards than regular Maxell MXL RG03s). If you type in "maxell plus" in google, the first page will all be 8x dvd-rs, and they will all be made in Japan. There is no Maxell Plus dvd+r being sold officially (I'm not even sure one exists, but certainly not in Canada or in the US). And no 4x Maxell Plus dvd-rs are being sold either. They are all 8x. Actually, I'm pretty sure all current Maxell Plus is made in Japan, dvd-r only, and 8x. The Maxell Broadcast Quality series adds a (very) scratch resistant surface.

    visit here

    and here

    and here

    The entire current Maxell Broadcast Quality dvd-r line is 8x, also made in Japan, and also code as MXL RG03. There are no dvd+rs.

    Maxell Plus and Maxell BQ are the professional series. These are the only current Maxell discs that are worth using (in my opinion).
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