CRC and other "READ" errors

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    Try cleaning the DVD. Even if it's new it can still be poorly produced and have read errors.

    No, these errors are not likely to be an evil protection and yes, it may even play just fine. It is possible the original movie you have has some really "bad" sectors.

    FILEIO 3 usually is a permanent READ error not likely to be fixed by anything you as a user can do. Open a "contact" ticket for AnyDVD and supply an AnyDVD log zip attachment.

    (Cyclic Redundancy Check) or CRC Error can happen for various reasons and are also NOT protections:

    The following applies ONLY to original DVDs, not copies or Ebay purchases or garage sale "new" sales:

    1) DVD media is dirty - you can try to clean it
    2) DVD media is damaged, you have to replace it/exchange it
    3) There is a chance your DVD drive needs a firmware update. It's rare but can happen. To find the firmware you currently have use Nero Infotool: then got to the manufacturer's site and see if a later firmware is available.

    Some burning programs may indicate "read" errors or "not found" errors trying to read a DVD with AnyDVD in the background like it normally works with CloneDVD.
    This is not usually a disc error and is least of all an AnyDVD issue. Most OEM/third-party burn programs or processing software will NOT support on-the-fly READ and then WRITE, especially with newer DVDs.
    This means you will run into problems trying to use AnyDVD in the background with these products since they can not handle newer sector protections like CloneDVD2 can.

    And as the studios gallop forward with such things these products will fall more and more behind and you'll need to use "rip video..." first, then burn from the HDD.
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    Yes indeed a good sticky and thanks for post originated by too. Which is me.
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    According to my device mngr., my hardware is not assigned a region. What region should I assign so I dont get the crc error on Saw III?
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    Whatever your region is. I don't know them all but region 1 is the USA and I think Cananda? region 2 is the U.K. I know for sure.
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    What part of the world do you live in?

    Here are the region code for around the world:

    SAW 3 is a pretty heavily protected disc...see here:

    Additionally, make sure that your software is current.
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    Nice addition to this thread. I'm in the U.S. I don't do alot of research on stuff unless I have the time. I help out at numorous forums. This being the newest edition.
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    The reference to the Video Help link is actually not all that useful. It is outdated and very generalized.
    That particular firmware link is also not kept up to date. The drive manufactures site is the best for firmware updates.
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    Actually, the original program being referenced works fine, but in all fairness, it is no longer freeware, so I changed the link to Nero Infotool, which will display firmware versions.

    The firmware link is fine. It's meant to allow people to achieve capacities that normal burner firmware offered on the manufacturer's website cannot offer. Using firmware from this site may void your warranty, so do so at your own discretion.
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    For the sake of argument I'll let this lie but I would strongly suggest that users seek other sites for firmware updates.
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    Here's another to add that can be helpful.

    Current Firmware You're Using Tool Click Here To Download and this is free.

    Find your Firmware update. This is another place to get your firmware update you may need.

    Find Your Firmware Another link to get your firmware you may need.

    Click Here for info why you need to stay up on firmware.
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    locoeng's link for Lite-On didn't work for me. THIS ONE does.
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    thanks oldjoe, I fixed the should work now.
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    You can only set your REGION on your dvd 5 times after that its set please be aware of this.8)
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    There is a utility for NEC drives to reset the region code after the allotted amount of changes. It can be found here... Vendor Reset Utility.
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    Link to Nero speed disk test

    Tried to login to suggested nero speed disk drive test and get message that link is not valid.
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    The SEventh Seal DVD and VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_0.VOB 30 TCSectorReader error

    While I respect all of your knowledge and experience, I have a quandary about a VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_0.VOB 30 TCSectorReader error with The Seventh Seal DVD and your stated advice about this error.

    It is a fairly obscure movie, and my brother was having issues with making a backup of a used original disc he had bought, getting this same error on two PCs running different versions of Windows but each getting the error at exactly the same spot. So I said "bad disc," and he went back to the video store and exchanged it, and then exchanged it again when he had the same problem on three different discs!

    That got me curious, so I tracked down a store that had a few copies, and bought one cheap since it is so out of demand. I tried it on my old WinXP Media Center SP3 machine that has 2 brand new ASUS DRW-22B2S b drives installed in it and CloneDVD failed almost immediately with the VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_0.VOB 30 TCSectorReader error at block 5444, from either drive! That was a first, since those drives have been PERFECT in all respects.

    But as mentioned in other posts, the disc looked fine, so I tried it in my W7 laptop, a Lenovo with with a slow HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T50N DVD RW drive in it, using the same versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD, and it worked on the first try.

    I was thinking that there might be that the slower read speed of the GSA-T50N drive allowed the software to accommodate whatever the issue was with the discs, so I asked my brother if he had an old, slow DVD burner available, and when he tried copying his 3rd original disc using a slow, USB-attached drive, viola, his process worked as well.

    Is there a way to tell AnyDVD and/or CloneDVD to try reading the disc more slowly when one of these errors occurs? Seems to me that with four different original discs, four different computers, and six different DVD burners, there has to be something unusual either about the whole production run of The Seventh Seal and/or the "need" to read slowly to avoid a TCSectorReader error. What are your thoughts?
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    Some readers are simply better than others in terms of fault tolerance. Faster reading drives can sometimes be a bad thing with a borderline bad or worn/aged disc. My Samsung SH-S223F is fast and I rarely have an issue but when I do I use my older slower LG GSA-H55L on a disc. The process will be slower but that is enough sometimes. You can also try using the drive Speed Control in the AnyDVD settings and set the drive to Slow & quiet.

    Actually, looking at what you've described you have confirmed a disc issue, IMO. The problem isn't with AnyDVD if it works on some of the systems better than others. I'd point to the drive, the DVD, or an underlying factor with the OS installation including problematic drivers among other things. In the long run I believe the drives that read the disc simply showed which drives to use down the line on more troublesome discs that are either damaged or possibly borderline bad.

    A few notes:

    1. This thread is ancient.
    2. Webslinger retired as a Moderator and I don't believe he's dropped in for quite some time so I wouldn't expect a reply from him.
    3. Recommending the use of the Nero utility is not made anymore due the use of structural protections. This makes using the utility unreliable and just not helpful.
    4. I'd really recommend you create AnyDVD logs using this DVD from each drive you used on each individual system and post all the ZIPs. The logs will show when and if read errors occurred and how long different parts of the process in scanning and decrypting took.

    If this proceeds further then I'll move this to its own thread.
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