Crazy Rich Asians problems making a Blu-ray copy

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by antipodes, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. antipodes

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    I initially recorded the original with a verbatim Blu-ray 25GB blank and although Clone BD advised the Blu-ray had been successfully copied; the copy would not play. I then made another copy using a re-writeable Verbatim 25GB blank and made a successful recording which does play back. However the recording is marred by a vertical white stripe which appears centre screen throughout the recording other this error the second recording is perfect. I have referred the CloneBD log files to Elby and the AnyDVD HD log file is attached. All assistance will be appreciated.
  2. mbarnstijn

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    @antipodes, you'll be asked for the settings you used on CloneBD and what kind of copy (menus, which titles, etc.) before anyone here will be able to give a good answer to your question. As much information about your process as possible would be helpful.

    I would start by making an ISO image of the source disc through your usual process, rather than burn directly to disc. If that ISO image mounted using VCD and played with PowerDVD plays without any glitches then I would say AnyDVD has done the job.

    A vertical white line is a very odd thing. I'm not sure AnyDVD could have anything to do with that. Sounds like a glitch in the hardware player, possibly caused by a read error from the burned disc.

  3. BrianG61UK

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    Can't imagine this is an AnyDVD problem.
    Post a CloneBD log as well.
  4. antipodes

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    I don't know what happened but I thought I had posted my thanks to Michael and Brian for their comments but somehow that post was lost. I have since erased the re-writeable disc and updated the firmware for the Pioneer 209 players I use. I was able to produce a copy without the white line.

    In the course of investigating the my failure to make a successful Blu-ray copy I tested my other Blu-ray writer/reader a product of Samsung model TSSTCORP BDDVDW SE-506CB TS02. It appears that Samsung have thrown this device to the wolves there is no updated firmware and the device does not work. The forum I checked seemed to consist of complaints about the lack of firmware updates. Has anybody been able to discover a recent firmware update for this device?
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    I have a pair of same Samsung SE-506 series and rarely, if ever have produced a playable BD. Have a lot of coasters though! I can burn with FAB9 but would rather use CloneBD and AnyDVD combo. Would someone please suggest an external burner ( that would do this? I will gladly furnish you with some beautiful matching coasters!

    Thank you in advance.