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    :(Downloaded the 21 day trial version...yesterday.....installed it.....rebooted my computer and now I get a "Error Loading Operation system,below the "Verifying DMI Pool Data" screen,I can only enter BIOS,tried everything there(I think). Cannot tap F8 to system restore,safe mode,last know configuration,etc screen or anything. So,Now I am here asking for Help. Any Ideas?? Thank You
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    Also......I installed an extra 80g hard drive thinking I could go into the previous hard drive with the SlySoft software on it and uninstall it but I can not access the hard Drive with SlySofton it. Says it is not Formatted? :mad:
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    The issue you're having has nothing to do with Slysoft software. It doesn't have a chance to load until you boot into Windows.

    1. Your original hard drive could be dead, but what I would check first is to ensure the two cables are properly and firmly attached to the back of the drive and to the motherboard.

    2. If the hard drive is not dead, then you may need to do a Windows repair install. Of course, I have no idea what operating system you're using since you haven't mentioned it, but if you're using XP, click

    3. As for your new drive, you probably do need to format it:


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    I agree on this one. It sounds like the drive went to the same place my old 160 WD went (that little place in the trash can). I doubt it would be the cables unless the system has been moved around a lot or dropped. But if dropped, it also could have jolted the reading arm and tossed it off track (which would mean replacing it anyway)....

    My 2 cents worth...


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    Well......I tried everything and maybe You people are correct......IT'S JUNK!! I have no other ideas and my patience is getting very thin. Thanks for all your suggestions,I really do appreciate them,there is no way to recover data from a dead HD?? is there?? Take care and again....Thank You!!8)
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    Nope, there is not.

    A dead hard drive will work for a nice paper weight, something you can throw at your dog because he/she is chewing on your DVD's, or if you get enough of them -- a good anchor for a small blow-up boat.

    Sorry but thats the only thing they are good for once dead. Unless your in the mood to sit and take one apart, use the disc's for mini frizbees for you dog...that might fool em into thinking its a DVD....

    All joking aside, once it's gone, its gone. If it can not read from sector zero, then toss it, and that is what it sounds like here.


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    Go to the manufacturer's web site and download the diagnostics for the HDD. Or you can use Ultimate Boot Disk or Derek's Boot and Nuke to diagnose the drive.
    Data can be recovered from a damaged HDD but it's not a cheap endeavor.
    The 2nd HDD you installed will have to be formatted before you can use it.
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    Ya... sounds like a coincidence. Your drive went to HD heaven. Sad really...... it once knew so much stuff..... :)

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    Dead H/D

    A lot of people will debunk this suggestion, BUT, it worked for me twice on two different H/D's.
    This may work if the problem was spin-up, or stuck head related.
    Put the H/D in a Ziploc bag, and let it sit in the freezer overnight.
    Have your P/C ready to boot, and rush the drive from the freezer to the P/C.
    If it spins up and boots, run a back-up or a cloning utility immediately because that will probably be the only chance you get.
    Usually a H/D is really dead after being subjected to this kind of abuse.

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    HEH!! Back in the early 80's I had a 5" 10mb drive that needed a push to spin up. I just peeled off a little sticker over the hub and gave it a little push when I booted the [8088] machine... worked for months.