Crash 3D playback with PowerDVD18

Discussion in 'ReClock' started by Dekyon, Jul 9, 2018.

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    Hi all,
    I currently use PowerDVD18 with reclock, on win10 32 bit machine, last updates istalled. No problems using 2D bluray.
    3D blueray instead do not works with reclock.
    My monitor is an old 1080p LG micropolarized with worst support of hdmi1.4, and has only 24, 50 and 60 hz support. If I try to use it with 24hz it switch to 720p and vision is really bad.
    If I try to use "micropolarized" hardware inside powerdvd preferences it works better bypassing 24Hz and mantain 1080p vision. So I like to use reclock to play smooth with 50hz. Here the problem.
    If reclock is installed Powerdvd 3D playback crash and the program say to me that "the hardware do not support 3D playback".

    There is a chance to fix this?
    I include a reclock log of a crash playback.

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