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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by mjw2005, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. mjw2005

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    Has anyone done a custom devices ini file for a Cowon D2....

    Whenever I use one of the generic Divx settings the file will play on the Cowon but the audio will be out of sync....this has happened with multiple DVDs....

    The audio goes back into sync if I re-encode the file using software from Cowon...

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....

  2. maclen

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    I have a D2 like you, and I asked the same question before. I was told to use the generic Divx settings. However, I noticed the same thing; that audio and video were out of sync. I think one person on this forum suggested the Archos AV320 setting corrected the problem (please verify to make sure my recollection is correct), but when I tried that setting, it made the problem worse.

    Sorry, I know that this information doesn't help. However, when I use the generic setting, sometimes the sync problem is almost non-existent and sometimes it is bad. This leads me to conclude that it may be the source material. I also noticed that if I fast forward on the D2, the initial audio visual sync is very bad and then gets better, as if the device is catching up or recalibrating.

    You may want to contact slysoft directly for help. I have found them to be responsive.
  3. JONES129

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    Just ordered a D2 myself today and am wanting to know the same thing. Did you try the iAudio X5 format under "other devices"? Can you post a response if you contact Slysoft and they answer you?

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  4. mjw2005

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    Slysoft Response

    I did contact Slysoft and they told me to use the Generix Divx no help there....anyone else have any suggestions