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Cowon D2 Help!

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by burnvictim, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. burnvictim

    burnvictim New Member

    What settings should I use for my Cowon D2? I have tried several times but anything I rip doesn't play on the D2.:(
  2. weipah

    weipah New Member

    Video on Cowon D2

    I have the same issue.

    I tried the XVID Preset posted in:

    But sound is not in sync and video seems to play too fast.
    If I use to CDVDm created file and convert it with the JetAudio Video Converter the file works as usual.

    The Cowon D2 is also supposed to support wmv, but files created with the experimental WMV preset let's the device freeze.

    Any suggestions for a better device preset?
  3. weipah

    weipah New Member

    Working preset for Cowon D2

    Found out the Archos AV320 preset to work for the Cowon D2 device!
  4. JONES129

    JONES129 Member

    Tried Archos AV320 sound out of sync with picture. Same thing with Generic DivX
  5. mjw2005

    mjw2005 New Member

    Ok....What firmware is everyone using on there Cowon D2....I am using 2.51 and I have the same audio synce problems when converting movies....but when I reconvert them with Cowons Jet Audio Program they work fine....
  6. JONES129

    JONES129 Member

    I am using fw 2.51 also. I email Slysoft Support providing all the details/specs I knew and they want more info. :bang: Not sure what specs to give them? I think if they got a profile for the D2 they might have a lot more sales of CloneDVDmobile.
  7. SeVeReD

    SeVeReD New Member

    I bought a Cowon D2 for myself and my daughter mainly because it possesses decent audio quality. I have Anydvd Hd and would like to use clonedvd mobile if it would support the Cowon D2. Any word on making up a profile for the Cowon D2 or what existing profile works for it now? Be nice to find out before the 31st of 2008.